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The History Department of Hanover College created the Internet Archive of Texts and Documents in 1996 to make online primary texts and secondary sources more easily available for use in history and humanities classes.  Prof. Frank Luttmer was the driving force behind this pioneering project.

As it was conceived in 1996, the Internet Archive would be a bibliography of recommended sources for topics from every major civilization from ancient times to the present. For each of hundreds of topics and individuals, Hanover faculty and students provided a list of links to primary sources and reputable secondary sources then available on the web.  At that time -- before google -- finding useful material online was often cumbersome, and thus guides like ours provided an essential service.  (You can visit the Texts and Documents page as it existed on June 20, 2000, through the Wayback Machine.)

As the web grew ever larger, Hanover history faculty and students could not keep pace with what was available, nor could we keep up with the dead links that developed as other websites moved or deleted sources that we had recommended. On July 15, 2000, we reduced the Internet Archive to just a few pages (mostly topics that faculty could maintain in connection with their own research).   A sampling of those pages are below.  Now that google and other search engines make it easy to search billions of webpages, we are no longer updating our guides.

Meanwhile, in 1995, the History Department had begun a sister project, the Hanover Historical Texts Project, in which Hanover faculty and students make available online primary sources previously available only in print form.  We continue to maintain that collection and to add to it.

The Catholic Reformation


Electronic Texts Collections

The French Revolution

The Italian Renaissance

John Knox



Military History

The Protestant Reformation

Reference Material  (i.e. dictionaries and related sources)

The Witch Hunts

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