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History Department

History Department Faculty & Projects

Faculty Members

Jeffrey Brautigam


Anthony Miller


Daniel P. Murphy


J. Michael Raley


Matthew N. Vosmeier


Sarah McNair Vosmeier



Professor Emeritus:
Larry P. Thornton


Faculty and Student Organizations and Projects

The History Department invites all students--majors and non-majors alike--to participate in the following organizations and projects.

The Hanover Historical Review promotes excellence in undergraduate scholarship and provides opportunities for students to publish their scholarship and/or serve on the editorial board.

The history department has a long tradition of digitizing historical texts.  Our Hanover Historical Texts Project (primary sources the department has made available online for college history classes) was one of the first of its kind, and we continue to add to it.  We welcome new material for Learning in Black and White, a collection of primary sources on African Americans at Hanover College.  Faculty and students continue transcribing archival material for Documents on the History of Hanover College. They recently completed a multi-year project to transcribe the diary of Charles Alling, Jr. (HC 1885).

Earlier projects include The Steamboat Adventure and Today in Hanover History. The Steamboat Adventure is a collection of primary sources on Nicholas and Lydia Roosevelt's pathbreaking 1811 trip down the Mississippi River, including material on the New Madrid earthquake and relations with Native Americans.  Today in Hanover History is an almanac of primary sources on college history.

The History Club and Phi Alpha Theta organize and contribute to a variety of activities of interest to history enthusiasts across campus.

Senior Theses

History majors do independent research and writing in their senior year. A sampling of recent theses is here.

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