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History Department

Recent Senior Theses

The following is a sampling of recent research undertaken by history students at Hanover College.

  • Lauren Alexander, "A History of Santa Claus, Indiana," 2016.
  • Jenna Auber, "The Reality of Growing Up in the Great Depression," 2017.
  • Mersi Curtsinger, "The Struggle for the Conquest of Antioch (1097-1098): Muslim and Christian Perspectives of a Critical Battle during the First Crusade," 2017.
  • Claire Harvey, "The South Bend Fugitive Slave Case of 1850: How the Community Shaped the Outcome," 2017.
  • James Hogan, "Auschwitz I and III:  Exploring Operational and Managerial Efficiencies or Lack Thereof within Auschwitz," 2017.
  • Sarah Love, "Stitching Up the Union's Men: The Function of Northern Surgeons during the Civil War," 2015
  • Kallen Terry, "Exposing Weaknesses: The Khmer Rouge and the Experiences of Women," 2016.

All senior theses are available at the Duggan Library, and some are available online.