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Hanover Historical Review, 2017


This year's Hanover Historical Review is now in print!

It includes President Lambert's inaugural address, articles on the Crusades, fugitive slaves, Hanover College history, sports, World War I, and Kristallnacht.  A digital version is available, and print copies are available in Classic Hall (contact 812 866-7200).

Written and edited by students, The Hanover Historical Review is dedicated to the promotion of excellence in undergraduate scholarship and writing.

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The history department takes pride in our students' success. We're always glad for you to stop by our offices or email us.  We also share news from the department and interesting historical finds through Facebook.

Ongoing Projects

The Hanover Historical Texts Collection is the history department's pioneering project to put primary source documents online. In 1995, we were among the first to digitize historical documents for use in classrooms  around the world.  We continue to add to the collection, and we are delighted that researchers, students, and other interested readers continue to use it every day.

Founded in 1992, the Hanover Historical Review is a student-edited journal of student scholarship. The HHR Editorial Board welcomes submissions of essays, document transcriptions, and book reviews of a historical nature from any discipline.