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A student-run journal founded in 1992, The Hanover Historical Review is dedicated to the promotion of excellence in undergraduate scholarship and writing.


Volume 1: Spring 1993
Volume 2: Spring 1994
Volume 3: Spring 1995
Volume 4: Spring 1996
Volume 5: Spring 1997
Volume 6: Spring 1998
Volume 7: Spring 1999
Volume 8: Spring 2000
Volume 9: Spring 2001
Volume 10: Spring 2009
Volume 11: Spring 2010
Volume 12: Spring 2017
Volume 13: Summer 2018



The HHR Editorial Board welcomes submissions of essays, document transcriptions, and book reviews of a historical nature from any discipline.

Manuscripts must be prepared in conformity with The Chicago Manual of Style in 12-point Times Roman font, double-spaced (including footnotes) and with pages numbered.

Submissions should consist of three hard copies delivered, plus a digital copy submitted by email attachment as a Microsoft Word document, to Professor Michael Raley (CLA 113, raleyjm@hanover.edu). Because all submitted manuscripts will be evaluated anonymously, the author's name should appear only on the title page. There should be no identifying markers (including headers and hidden texts) within the body of the paper. Please print your paper on the front sides of the pages only (single-sided).

Articles should not exceed 3,000 words without the prior approval of the HHR editors. Please note that submissions accepted for publication may be edited to conform to the HHR's style. The HHR editors remain the final arbiters of length, grammar, and usage. However, they will endeavor to consult with authors with regard to any changes made in the interest of clarity and economy of expression.

The HHR disclaims responsibility for any statements, either as fact or opinion, made by contributors.