William Alfred Millis,
The History of Hanover College
From 1827 to 1927

(Hanover, Indiana: Hanover College, 1927).

Hanover Historical Texts Project

Scanned and proofread by Sadiye Amcaoglu, Nida Khan,
Julie Merkel, Jonathan Perry, Faiza Shah, and Cory Sims in November 2000.

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I. Introduction.

II. John Finley Crowe, "TWICE THE FOUNDER."

III. The Corporation.

IV. The Presidents.

V. The College and the Church.

VI. The College and Indiana.

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VII. Financial Struggle for Existence.

VIII. Plant and Equiptment.

IX. Objectives.

X. The Curriculum.

XI. Entrance and Graduation Requirements.

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XII. The Faculty.

XIII. Methods of Instruction.

XIV. The Hanover Student.

XV. Student Activities.

XVI. Student Life.

XVII. The Alumni.

XVIII. A Chapter of Reminiscences.

XIX. Looking Backward and Forward.

XX. Chronological.

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