William Alfred Millis,
The History of Hanover College
From 1827 to 1927

(Hanover, Indiana: Hanover College, 1927).

Hanover Historical Texts Project

Scanned and proofread by Sadiye Amcaoglu, Nida Khan,
Julie Merkel, Jonathan Perry, Faiza Shah, and Cory Sims in November 2000.

Chapter XX

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1808 Williamson Dunn acquired land at Hanover from the Government.

1809 He built the first house in Hanover and brought his family.

1810-11 Country about rapidly filled up with Scotch-Irish Presbyterians.

1812 Carmel United Presbyterian Church organized.

1820 Hanover Presbyterian Church organized at Dunn's Settlement, by Rev. Thomas C. Searle.

1821 Stone Meeting House erected on site of present public schoolhouse. Mr. Searle dies same year.

1823 Rev. John Finley Crowe becomes pastor of the Hanover church.
Presbytery of Salem erected by Synod of Kentucky, embracing all of Indiana, Illinois, and the states north and west.

1824 John Finley Crowe presented to Presbytery meeting at Salem question of establishing seminary for education of ministers.
At fall meeting an "Education Society" was founded. No record of the meetings, if any.

1825 Salem Presbytery divided into three: Madison, Salem and Wabash.
Committee comprising Messrs. Crowe, Ham- [Page 292] ilton, Dickey and Brown appointed to induce General Assembly of Presbyterian Church to locate its proposed new theological seminary at Charlestown, Indiana. Presbytery decides to establish Presbyterian Academy at Dunn's Settlement (Hanover).

1826 Madison Presbytery requests John Finley Crowe to organize a private academy.

1827 January 1 Dr. Crowe organizes the new school in a small log house, 16 by 18 feet in dimensions on his premises, with six boys in attendance.

1828 Presbytery takes Dr. Crowe's school under its care as Hanover Academy.

1829 Presbytery transfers care of the Academy to the Synod of Indiana. Synod establishes the Theological Seminary.
Charter of Hanover Academy received from the Legislature of Indiana.

1830 Theological Professor's house burned. Post office established and called South Hanover.

1831 New residence completed, and the "boarding house" erected.

1832 "College Edifice" and a number of shops and small "dormitories" erected.

1833 Charter of Hanover College received from the State Legislature.

1834 September 23, Trustees authorize graduation of first class.

1834-35 Struggle between Old School and New School factions of Synod of Indiana for control of the Theological Seminary. The Old School faction won.

1837 July 5, Tornado swept over Hanover, leaving College and village in ruins.

1840 Theological Seminary moved to New Albany.

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1843 December. College moved to Madison.

1844 March. Students moved the College back to Hanover.

1848 College swept by epidemic of cholera.
Society for Religious Inquiry organized.

1849 Trustees purchased the College Farm.

1852 Plans for Classic Hall adopted by Trustees.

1853 Construction of Classic. Hall begun.

1856 Professor Garritt became Professor of Latin, retiring in 1906. Forty-nine years he occupied the same classroom.

1857 College moved into Classic Hall.
Dr. Crowe retired from the Faculty.

1859 The old "College Edifice" deeded to Presbyterian Church in satisfaction of the claims of the Church against the College.

1860 January 17, Dr. Crowe died.

1862 President Wood gave the College "Wood Field" and adjoining lots west of Point House.

1862-64 Many students withdrew to enter armies of the Civil War.

1869 Women sought admission; their request was ignored, but they entered nevertheless.

1870 Educational value of Natural Science officially recognized.
Society for Religious Inquiry converted into the Hanover College Y. M. C. A.

1876 President Heckman erected the President's House.

1880 Women officially admitted to all the privileges of the College.

1883 Young Men's Christian Association Building erected.

1885 The Point House was erected.

l889 The Observatory erected and equipped.

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1897 Old Science Hall built.

1903 The Hendricks Library erected.

1908 Gymnasium burned. Rebuilt same year

1916 Preparatory Department abandoned.

1918 Water system constructed. Entered into contract with Government to train a unit of the S.A.T.C.

1919 Science Hall burned. New building erected same year; occupied 1920.

1922 New Gymnasium erected.


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