Steamboat Adventure
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The following primary sources are ones that were uncovered in other research projects but that may nonetheless provide useful context for those interested in the Roosevelts' 1811-1812 adventure.

Jan. 26, 1811, Western Spy - Dix & Farrar offer to pay cash for tallow
Jan. 26, 1811, Western Spy - Jacob Williams and Isaac Smith offer a reward for their lost horses
Apr. 6, 1811, Western Spy - John Munroe announces that he will be practicing law in Cincinnati
May 4, 1811, Western Spy - Court of Enquiry of the Cincinnati Battalion to meet
May 4, 1811, Western Spy - N. & J. Reeder, of Cincinnati, offers "fresh spring and summer goods"
May 4, 1811, Western Spy - Hannah Hilditch, executrix, offers dry goods and groceries
May 10, 1811, Western Spy - Martin Baum & Co. announces improvements in their cotton spinning machines and offers colored yarn
Sept. 28, 1811, Western Spy - Daniel Drake & Co opens a second drug store
Sept. 28, 1811, Western Spy - E. Hutchinson announces that his fulling mills "are in complete repair"; also offers land for sale
Sept. 28, 1811, Western Spy - J. D. describes a hollowed-out cypress tree so big seventeen people could dine inside
Dec. 25, 1811, Liberty Hall - a cabinetmaker offers imported mahogany for sale in Cincinnati
Dec. 3, 1811, Pittsburgh Gazette - owners of a steam mill offer "perfectly seasoned" boards for sale in Pittsburgh
May 24, 1811, Pittsburgh Gazette - Peter Laubie offers ice cream and turtle soup for sale in Pittsburgh
Jan. 1, 1812, Liberty Hall - Hannah Hilditch advertises her dry goods and grocery business in Brookville, Indiana Territory
Jan. 11, 1812, Western Spy - Abraham Wingate ("a crazy man") escapes from being confined in chains by his family
Feb. 5, 1812, Liberty Hall - Alexander Walker announces that his wife, Talitha Cumi, has "eloped from my bed and board"

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