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Alma Gene Prince, Hanover College Class of 1951 -- Learning in Black and White

Alma Gene Prince (Revonah, 1951)
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Alma Gene Prince was Hanover's first African-American graduate. 

She applied for admission in 1948 as a transfer student from Indiana University.  So far as the record shows, she was the first African American to apply for admission since Moses Broyles almost a hundred years before.  Although there was some quiet and ugly opposition to having an African American on campus, most welcomed her.  She studied English and political science, and she was a member of the Social Science Club and the Chorus. 

Her family reported that "Gene spent most of her work life improving the world through education and community involvement. As the first African American to integrate and graduate from Hanover College in 1951, she marched in D.C. and remained committed to civil rights for all."

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