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History Department

Other Primary Sources on Learning in Black and White at Hanover College

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The following primary sources provide historical context on African Americans at Hanover College. 

(Also see articles from Hanover's college newspaper, the Triangle, and interviews with alumni.)

Material from the college archives:

  • 1833 - James Blythe includes abolitionist sentiments in his Inaugural Address as Hanover's president.

Material from off campus:

Race relations at other midwestern colleges and universities (as seen in their student newspapers):

The Daily Iowan (University of Iowa) -- African-American football players boycott spring practice over racial injustice; the newspaper reports on African-American protests around the country;  professors say that affirmative action in faculty hiring is not working.

The Ithacan (Ithaca College) -- An African student comments on white superiority in America.

The Daily Illini (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) -- Professors investigate charges of racism in athletics; Lew Alcindor (now Kareem Abdul Jabbar) comments on discrimination in basket ball and on Black Muslims.

The Index (Kalamazoo College) -- A student compares student and administrative perspectives on change; a guest speaker explains the black power movement; a student describes Stokely Carmichael as a speaker.

The Collegian (Kenyon College) -- Students support boycotts in Mississippi; the student senate considers a program to attract "ghetto" students; African Americans at Kenyon suffer social isolation; Kenyon's president wonders whether racial diversity is necessary.