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Various Civil War Letters
from the Elias Riggs Monfort Papers

The Elias Riggs Monfort Papers are in the Duggan Library Archives at Hanover College (Hanover, Ind.).  They include various Civil War letters belonging to the Monfort and Taylor families.  Letters not directly connected to the Monforts and Taylors are below.  Letters to and from the Monforts and the Taylors are also being transcribed.

Hanover students from various history classes have worked on the Monfort Papers. We have attempted to transcribe the letters faithfully, including odd spellings, punctuation, and syntax.  When appropriate, we have supplied guesses or explanations in square brackets [like so], only occasionally supplying a period or line break when we thought that was what the author intended. 

The classes contributing transcriptions include GW143/144 "Autobiography: History" (Fall 2013, Winter 2014, Fall 2014, and Winter 2015) and His167 "Speaking of American History" (Fall 2017, Winter 2018, Fall 2018, and  Winter 2019), all taught by Sarah McNair Vosmeier, as well as His225 "Midwest History" (Fall 2016 and Fall 2017) taught by Matthew N. Vosmeier. 

For more on the people, places, and events discussed in the letters, see the Guide to the Monfort Letters or the Finding Aid from the Duggan Library Archives.  Page images of the letters are also available.

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Letters Transcribed Below:

1861, Oct. 26 - Charles L. Lundy legal document
concerning court cases
1862, Jan. 24 - Dottie Young to "Will"
disappointed that he was called away
1862, May 14 - James H Anthony to John Torrence if he "wants a nice little wife to sleep with," he should write to Manda


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Charles L. Lundy, legal document, 26 Oct. 1861, folder 1, box 1, Elias Riggs Monfort Collection, Duggan Library, Hanover College (Hanover, Ind.).
Transcription by Grant Larimore, HC 2021.

We, the undersigned, Each and Every of us, do hereby give up and relinquish all our right, title and claim, to any fees that may have accrued to any of us, in the the cases of The State of Ohio vs Henry [Sauer?]. – The State of Ohio vs John Rauth – The State of Ohio vs Earnst Gabe. Glendale Oct. 26” 1861.

Chas G. Lundy
George Brown
H [Aliultun?]
Dr. [L?] Robbins
F. [Braecher?]
[illegible: burn mark]

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Dottie Young, letter to Will, 24 Jan. 1862, folder 3, box 1, Elias Riggs Monfort Collection, Duggan Library, Hanover College (Hanover, Ind.).
Transcription by Madison Snyder, HC 2020.

Glendale Female Sem
Jan 24th 1862

Friend Will,

Write and send me your address &. I will fulfill my promise if you still desire it We were quite surprised to hear of your removal from Urbana & regret you have gone for we anticipated a number of calls from you &. Sergeant Major Murdock but we were doomed to disappointment.

We wish you much success & that you will return safely to your home and friends


“Fannie sends compliments” 

Sergeant Major R Murdock
“Kindness of Adj. W. Guyune”

Compliments of Fannie & Dottie Young

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James H Anthony, letter to John Torrence, 14 May 1862, folder 3, box 1, Elias Riggs Monfort Collection, Duggan Library, Hanover College (Hanover, Ind.).
Transcription by Kea Callihan, HC 2021.

May the 14th, 1862 [Leulion?] Ohio

Mr John Torrence Dear Sir I Received you letter some 2 weeks ago and was very glad to hear from you onse more

This leaves us all well and hopeing it may find you enjoying the same Blessing although I heard that you was deaf but I hope that your hearing has come to you by this time 

Peter is still here he has not got any Better of his Rupture.   well John I have nothing of interest to write on the present occasion.  I delivered the message you sent to Manda, S. she said all right she would answer your letter if you wrote to her and last Sunday she was asking me whether I had written to you.   I told her I would write this week[.]   I think she has been looking for a letter from you John if you want a nice little wife to sleep with you had better Secure her at once as she has a good many beaus  I showed her your letter and it pleased her[.]  the Rest of the girls that you was acquainted with is all Right Side up yet[.]  Eliza Davis is still liveng at John Swinks  yet she asked me about you nearly every Sunday whether I have heard from you   Hetty Swink & John Tilton is a coarting [courting]  about Right[.]  he sets up with her about twice a week some times until about Mid night  I thing that both of them ought to have there asses smacked

[in the margin: I expect to send this by Samuel Ruckman]

Henry Blake was brought back dead about 3 weeks a go  Mary Martin took it very hard

I have 2 brothers living not far from where you are I want you to try and see them  Tom Anthony lives on the calf pasture River on the Road leading from Staunton to Beverly just 18 miles before you get to Staunton North west of Staunton and Brother John lives 8 miles futher west on the warm Spring Road running from warm Springs to Harrison burg [.] he lives just about 8 or 10 mile east of Williams where I understand you had som wagons burned up and horses Stold[.] if you go from Monteray to Staunton you will go Right past Toms house if you go in the neiboarhood of them enquirees of the natives about them and if you find them tel them about me and you write to me about it[.]  I would be so glad to here from them as it has been about 18 months since I heard from them[.] don’t forget to make enquires about them Right to me as soon as you get this and let me know just where you are as I know all about that county it may be you may work in my old Virginia Shop as you go towards Staunton it is in the forks of the Road just where the road turns of to go to Staunton from Beverly it is a log shop with a shed on both sides of it just 18 miles befoar you get to Staunton   

Jas H Anthony

Write to me as soon as you get this  

[in the margin: Mary Marling told us severa times to Send you her Best Respects, so now you have got them

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