Gee, Henry,
and William John Hardy, ed.,
Documents Illustrative
of English Church History

(London: Macmillan, 1914), 416-545.

Hanover Historical Texts Project
Scanned and proofread by Heather Haralson, May 1998.
Posted by Raluca Preotu, July 1999.

English Reformation Pages

Queen Elizabeth's Proclamation to Forbid Preaching (1558)
The 1559 Injunctions
Elizabeth's Supremacy Act, Restoring Ancient Jurisdiction (1559)
Elizabeth's Act of Uniformity (1559)
The Advertisements (1566)
Selection from the Canons of 1571 (Canon 6. Concerning preachers.)
The Subscription (Thirty-Nine Articles) Act (1571)
Articles Touching Preachers and Other Orders for the Church (1583)
Act Against Jesuits and Seminarists (1585)
The Act Against Puritans (1593)
The Act Against Recusants (1593)
The Millenary Petition (1603)
James' Proclamation for the Use of the Book of Common Prayer (1604)
Directions Concerning Preachers (1622)
The King's Declaration Prefixed to the Articles of Religion (Nov. 1628)
Resolutions on Religion Presented by a Committee of The House of Commons (1629)
The King's Majesty's Declaration to His Subjects Concerning Lawful Sports to be Used (1633)
The Privy Council and the Position of the Communion Table at St. Gregory's (1633)
The Etcaetera Oath (in the Canons of 1640)
The Root and Branch Petition (1640)

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