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In the fall and winter of 1811-1812, the steamboat New Orleans traveled down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers from Pittsburgh to New Orleans.  The trip marked a turning point in American history.  After the New Orleans showed that it could be done, steamboats proliferated on the Ohio and the Mississippi Rivers and their tributaries.  Steamboats and other early nineteenth-century internal improvements and innovations (such as canals and highways) constituted a Transportation Revolution that made a truly national American economy possible for the first time.  Steamboat traffic allowed farmers to ship their goods to wider markets and allowed manufacturers to reach more consumers.

The trip was also an adventure story.  Nicholas and Lydia Roosevelt chose to make the trip together, despite those who told them that Lydia should stay behind.  They traveled under the Great Comet of 1811, and Lydia gave birth along the way.  They traveled through Indian territory during a time of tense relations between Euro-American settlers and Native Americans. They also experienced the New Madrid earthquakes, with shocks strong enough to change the shape of the Mississippi River, creating miles and miles of uncharted waters in their path.

This collection of primary sources related to the Roosevelts’ 1811-1812 trip is organized chronologically, thematically, and geographically, as listed below and on the homepage.  Researchers may also use keyword searching through the custom search engine. 

A few documents that are only tangentially related to the 1811-1812 trip (uncovered in research on other projects) are included here for those interested in more historical context.

I am grateful to Pat Schuring for transcribing most of the documents found here, to Shannon Baker for research assistance, to Joe Lackner and Stephen Cairns for design assistance, and to Matthew Vosmeier and Annabelle Vosmeier for advice and other assistance.

    Sarah McNair Vosmeier
    Associate Professor of History
    Hanover College
    October 2011



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Spring 1811
Summer 1811
Fall 1811
Winter 1811-1812
Spring 1812


Louisville (Kentucky) and Madison (Indiana Territory)
New Madrid (now in Missouri)
Chickasaw Bluffs (now Memphis)
New Orleans


Nicholas and Lydia Roosevelt
The Transportation Revolution
The Great Comet of 1811
The New Madrid Earthquakes
Indian Relations

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