The Hanover Historical Review

Volume 5

Spring 1997

Table of Contents


Michael J. Poor

Board of Editors

Aaron J. Gulyas

Mark Plozay

James E. Savage

Board of Advisory Editors

Dr. Frank Luttmer
Associate Professor of History

Dr. Daniel P. Murphy
Associate Professor of History


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Table of Contents

The Image of an American Hero: Diplomatic and Military Success
in George Rogers Clark's Memoir of the Illinois Campaign
James E. Savage

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words: The First World War:
A Photographic History
and Perceptions of the Great War
Aaron J. Gulyas

Documents from the History of Hanover College

The Call of the Hanover Church to John Finley Crowe
Transcribed by Michael J. Poor
Edited with Introduction by Michael J. Poor

Records of Hanover Academy
Transcribed by Heather Haralson
Edited with Introduction by Michael J. Poor

Inaugural Address, Delivered January 1, 1833 by James Blythe, D.D.
at his Inauguration into Office, as President of South Hanover College
Edited with Introduction by Mark Plozay

The Board of Editors wishes to thank Dennis Kovener, Duggan Library Archivist and Document Reference Librarian, for his hard work at making the following documents available. His cooperation and guidance made this section possible.

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