from the American Consulate in Sweden
to the U.S. Secretary of State,
March 17, 1917

Telegram from Morris, Ambassador to Sweden, to Byrne, U.S. Secretary of State, March 19, 1917 Frame 0008 (National Archives Microfilm Publication M316, roll 9)
Records of the State Department, Record Group 59,
National Archives, Washington, DC.
Hanover Historical Texts Project
Scanned and edited by David Traill.
Proofread and pages added by Jonathan Perry, March 2001.


FROM Stockholm
Dated March 19, 1917,
Rec'd 10:00 p.m.

Secretary of State, Washington.

March 19, 6 p.m.

Learn from Russian Legation and other reliable sources that Russian revolutionary movement understood to be general throughout the Empire; that the revolutionists entirely successful in Petrograd and Moscow; that both cities now quiet.

General opinion among diplomatic corps in Stockholm is that if Government remains in control moderate party as at present the recent developments will be for general good of Russia and the world, but if later on control passes into the hands of extremist party outcome is more doubtful.

M O R R I S,
American Minister

[Editor's note: Stamp of the Assistant Secretary is dated MAR 20, 1917, as is the Index Bureau stamp; another stamp says "FILED APR 26, 1918."]

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