Baron D'Holbach,

Good Sense: or, Natural Ideas Opposed to Supernatural;

being a Translation from a Work Called "Le Bon Sens"
corrected and carefully revised by H. D. Robinson

(Boston: J. P. Mendum, 1856).

Hanover Historical Texts Project
Excerpt scanned and proofread by Aaron Gulyas, Febuary, 1998.

Author's Preface


The Science of Theology

On the Idea of God

On the Origin of Religion

The Mysteries of Religion Produce Credulity

How Religion was Established

The Existence of a God cannot be proved

Spirituality of God

What is God-Adoration

The God of the Theologian composed of negations which lead to Atheism

Belief in a God established by Fear, continued and transmitted by Education

Influence of Early Impressions

The Wonders of Nature do not teach the Existence of a God

The Motions of Matter do not imply a Secret Mover, but Self-Motion

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