A. Y. Moore
History of Hanover College

(Indianapolis: The Hollenbeck Press, 1900)

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Author's Preface

Chapter I
Scenery--Geological Condition--First Settlers--Williamson Dunn--Indian Warfare--Religious Revival--Rev. Wm. Robinson--Church Organization--Primitive School--Dr. Maxwell--Rev. Thomas C. Searle--The Hanover Church--Rev. John Finley Crowe--The Old Stone Church--The Presbytery of Salem--Committee on Education--The Synod of Indiana--Need of Education--Ministers--The Presbyterian Academy at Hanover--Another Revival--Charter Granted--Synod Adopts the Academy--Theological Department.

Chapter II
Dr. Matthews Takes Charge of Theological Department--J. W. Cunningham, Professor of Biblical Literature--The First Misfortune--Dr. Crowe Solicits Funds--Increase in the Faculty--Dr. Blythe Becomes President--College Charter Granted--College Building Completed--Manual Training System--Hanover 1834--Financial Embarrassment--Ecclesiastical War--An Appeal in the East--Tornado of 1837--The Church to the Rescue--An Impostor.

Chapter III
Dr. McMasters--A Law Department--Faculty Changes--Theological Department Removed to New Albany--Faculty Difficulties--Financial Distress--Debt Liquidated--Faculty Enlarged--Change of Location Agitated--Madison Proposition--University of Madison--College Charter Surrendered--Hanover Indignation and Gloom.

Chapter IV
College Building Sold to Dr. Crowe--The Academy Revived--Discontent at Madison--Students Return to Hanover--The Philalatheans Return--Dr. Crowe Begins Reorganization--Professors Desert U. of M. for Hanover--Presbyteries of Madison and Crawfordsville Declare for Hanover--Synod of Southern Indiana Adopt Hanover College--Dr. Scovel Elected President--Synod of Northern Indiana Accepts Hanover--The Prosperous Condition of 1848--Cholera Scourge of 1849--Death of Dr. Scovel--Election of Thomas E. Thomas--Purchase of College Farm--Dr. Edwards Elected President--Completion of New Building--Plan for Endowment--Administration of Dr. Wood--of Dr. Archibald--of Dr. Heckman--Endowment of Mrs. Lapsley--The President's Home--Dr. Fisher--Present Prosperity.

Chapter V

Chapter VI

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