The Hanover Historical Review

Volume 7

Spring 1999

Table of Contents


Mark A. Plozay

Assitant Editor

Jeanette C. Brock

Board of Editors

Daniel Burns
Faith Foster
Sara Litwiller
Kevin Murphy
Douglas Tannas
Katie Yanos

Board of Advisory Editors

Dr. Frank Luttmer
Associate Professor and Chair, Department of History

Dr. Daniel P. Murphy
Associate Professor of History

Special Contributors

Dr. Jane Jakoubek
Dr. Larry Thornton


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Table of Contents

"The Early Reception of John Locke's Two Treatises on Government: 1688-1702"
Mark A. Plozay

"Henry Ford and the Jews"
Jonathan R. Logsdon

Documents from the History Hanover College

"Excerpt from "The Civil War Came to Campus""
I. George Blake
Edited with Introduction by Mark A. Plozay

"Address by John H. Holliday delivered at the 23rd Annual Spring Exhibition of the Philanthean Society at Hanover College on March 25, 1863"
Transcribed by Mark A. Plozay
Edited with Introduction by Mark A. Plozay

"Hanover College Civil War Letters"
Edited with Introduction by Jeanette C. Brock

"Civil War Diary of Reverend O.M. Todd"
Edited with Introduction by Mark O. Plozay

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