Foundations of the Modern Age
Fall Semester 1998

Study Questions for the Final Exam

Questions for the Large Essay, Last Third of the Course

1. What were the origins and consequences of WWI?

2. What were the origins of the Russian Revolution? How did Lenin define and transform Marxism? How did Lenin and Stalin transform Russia?

3. Compare Soviet Communism and German Nazism, in theory and in practice, in the period from WWI to WII.

4. Write an essay that analyzes politics and political culture in Western Europe and the United States from the end of WWII through the 1960s. You should include a consideration of the welfare state, the New Left, the civil rights movement, and feminism.

Comprehensive Questions

1. Has the United States been an "exceptional" (unique) civilization? Your answer should include specific examples of similarities and differences between the United States and Europe from the 17th century to the present.

2. Write an essay that analyzes the origins and evolution of Socialism, in theory and practice, from its beginnings in 19th century through the post-WWII era.

3. Isolate the three most important "foundations of the modern age." Defend your choices, giving consideration to the origin, evolution, and consequences of each of the three. Please be concrete and specific in your essays.

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