Western Civilization II:
Renaissance to Enlightenment
Fall Semester 1998

Frank Luttmer
108 Classic Hall
M W F: 10-11, 12-1

Course Description and Objectives

The second in a four-course sequence in Western Civilization, this course is an introduction to the history of Europe and European Empires during the early modern period. The purpose of the Western Civilization sequence is to provide students of history and the liberal arts with a solid foundation in the principal ideas, institutions, and events that have shaped Western civilization. It seeks to promote an understanding of historical context and perspective and to encourage the skills essential to historical inquiry, including the capacity to define historical questions, analyze primary documents, evaluate alternative interpretations, develop coherent arguments, and write clearly and effectively.


Jackson Spielvogel, Western Civilization, vol. B: 1300-1815
Joseph Klaits, Servants of Satan: The Age of the Witch Hunts
George Brown Tindall and David Shi, America, A Narrative History (on reserve in the Duggan Library)
Texts and Images from the Internet


Final grades will be based on an evaluation of the following.

1. Two mid-term exams (15% each) and a final exam (20%)

2. A Research paper submitted in two drafts (15% for the first draft and 20% for the second)

3. Class participation and daily writing assignments (15%)


The Italian Renaissance

Sept. 9:
Society and State in Renaissance Italy
Spielvogel, 412-426; Machiavelli

Sept. 11:
Spielvogel, 426-434; Vergerius; Petrarch

Sept. 14:
Pico; Ficino

Sept. 16:
Renaissance Art
Spielvogel, 434-442; Vasari; Images of Renaissance Art

The Reformation

Sept. 18:
The Late Medieval Church and Northern Humanism
Spielvogel, 396-402, 442-460; Erasmus

Sept. 21:
Luther and Lutheranism
Spielvogel, 460-468; Luther

Sept. 23:

Sept. 25:
The Spread of the Reformation
Spielvogel, 469-482; Calvin, Preface (1587 edition in the Duggan archive}

Sept. 28:
The Catholic Reformation
Spielvogel, 482-487; Loyola; Council of Trent

Expansion and Crisis

Sept. 30:
Empire and Perceptions
Spielvogel, 490-499; Montaigne

Oct. 2:
Religious Wars, Rebellion, and Persecution
Spielvogel, 499-519; Complaint Against Servetus; Foxe

Oct. 5:
Culture in the Era of Crisis
Spielvogel, 519-525; Montaigne; Images of Art

Oct. 7:

The Witch Hunts

Oct. 9:
The Witch Hunts
Klaits, 1-47

Oct. 12:
The Witch Hunts
Klaits, 48-103

Oct. 14:
The Witch Hunts
Klaits, 104-176

Money, Power, and Princes

Oct. 21:
The Rise of France
Spielvogel, 528-540; Bossuet; Domat; St. Simon

Oct. 23:
The Dutch and the Development of Commercial Capitalism
Spielvogel, 550-554, 560-564; Mun

Oct. 26:
Central and Eastern Europe
Spielvogel, 540-550; Peter the Great

Revolution and Political Theory

Oct. 28:
The Early Stuarts and the Civil War
Spielvogel, 554-56; James I; Charles 1; Puritans

Oct. 30:
The First English Revolution
The Trial of Charles I; The Execution of Charles I; Putney Debates

Thomas Hobbes

Nov. 4:
The Glorious Revolution
Spielvogel, 556-560; Locke

British North America

Nov. 6:
The Founding of the Colonies
Tindall and Shi, 48-81; Winthrop

Nov. 9:
The Colonies in the Revolutionary Era; Rowlandson
Tindall and Shi, 81-103;

Nov. 11:

The Scientific Revolution

Nov. 16:
The Medieval Universe and the New Astronomy
Spielvogel, 570-581; Copernicus; Galileo

Nov. 18:
Philosophy and Method
Spielvogel, 588-592; Bacon; Descartes

Nov. 20:
Newton and Newtonian Science
Spielvogel, 581-588, 595-599; Newton

Nov. 23:
Science and Religion
Spielvogel, 592-595; Pascal

The Enlightenment

Nov. 30:
The Philosophes and Society
Spielvogel, 600-616; Voltaire

Dec. 2:
The Philosophes, the Church, and Religion
Spielvogel, 627-632; Voltaire; Hume

Dec. 4:
"The Science of Man"
Hume; Smith; Montesquieu

Dec. 7:
Culture in the Enlightenment
Spielvogel, 617-627; Images of Rococo and Classical Art

18th Century Europe and Its Colonies

Dec. 9:
18th Century Politics and Society
Spielvogel, 634-670; Frederick the Great

Dec. 11:
British North America
Tindall and Shi, 106-135; Equiano

Over the Break:
British North America
Tindall and Shi, 135-159; Franklin

Over the Break:
British North America

Dec. 14-18:

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