Records of Salem Witchcraft
2 vols. (Roxbury, Mass.: W. Elliot Woodward, 1864).

Tituba Indian
1: 41-50

Warrant Vs. Tituba.

Whereas Mrs. Joseph Hutcheson Thomas Putnam Edward Putnam and Thomas Preston yeomen of Salem Village in ye County of Essex personally appeared before vs. And made complaint on behalfe of theire Majestees against Sarah Osborne the wife of Alexr Osburne, of Salem Village aforesd, and Titibe an Indian Woman Servant of mr. Saml [page 42] Parris of sd place also ; for Suspition of witchcraft, by them committed and thereby much injury don to Elizabeth Parris Abigail Williams Anna Putnam and Elizabeth Hubert all of Salem Village aforesd Sundry times within this two months and lately alsso don : at sd Salem Village Contrary to ye peace and Laws of our Sour Lord and Lady Wm & Mary of England &c King and Queene.

You are there fore in theire Majs names hereby required to aprehend and forthwith or as soon as may be bring before vs ye ahovesd Sarah Osburne and Titibe Indian at ye house of Lt Nathl Ingerfalls, in sd place. and if it may be by tomorrow aboute ten of ye clock in ye morning then and there to be Examined Relateing to ye abouesd premises. You are likewise required to bring at ye same tyme Eliz. Parris Abigl Williams Anna Putnam, and Eliz Hubert, or any other person or persons yt can give evidence in ye abovesd Case.. and hereof you are not to faile.
Dated Salem ffebr 29.1691[92]



To Constable Joseph Herrick Const. in Salem.

Officer's Return.

According to this warrant I have apprehended the parsons with In mentioned and have brought them accordingly and have made diligent sarch for Images and such like but can find none.
Salem Village this 1st March I 691[92]
p me JOSEPH HERRICK Constable.
[page 43]

Tituba's Examination.

Salem Village March 1st 1691.

Titiba an Indian woman brought before vs by Const Joseph Herrick of Salem upon Suspition of witchcraft by her committed according to ye complaint of Jos. Hutcheson and Thomas Putnam &c of Salem Village as appears p warrant granted Salem 29 ffebry 1691[92] Titiba upon examination and after some deny all acknowledged ye matter of fact according to her examination given in more fully will appeare, and who also charged Sarah Good and Sarah Osburne with ye same

Salem Village March ye 1st 1691[92]

Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne and Titiba an Indian Woman all of Salem Village being this day brought before us upon Suspition of Witchcraft &c by them and every one of them Committed, titibe an Indian woman acknowledging ye matter of fact, and Sarah Osburne and Sarah Good denying ye same before us, but there appearing in all theire Examinations sufficient ground to secure them all. And in order to further examination they were all p mittimus sent to ye Goale in ye County of Essex.
Salem March 2d Sarah Osburne againe examined and also titiba as will appear in their Examinations given in
Titiba againe acknowledged ye fact and also accuse ye other two.
Titiba againe sd ye same.
[page 44] Salem March 3d Sarah Osburn and Titiba Indian againe Examined
y e examination now Given in Titiba againe Sd ye fame.
Salem March 5th Sarah Good and Titiba againe examined, and in theire examination, titiba acknowledg ye fame she did formerly and accused ye other two abovesd
p.vs. JOHN HATHORNE } Assists.


Salem March the 7th 1691[92]
Sarah Good, Sarah Osburne, and Titiba an Indian Woman all sent to the Goale in Boston according. to their mittimusses then sent: to theire Majests Goale Keeper.

Examination of Titiba Indian.

The examination of Titibe.
(H) Titibe whan evil spirit have you familiarity with.
(T) none.
(H) why do you hurt these children.
(T) I do not hurt them.
(H) who is it then.
(T) the devil for ought I know.
(H) Did you never see the devil.
(T) The devil came to me and bid me serve him.
(H) Who have you seen.
(T) Four women sometimes hurt the children.
(H) Who were they.
[page 45] (T) Goode Osburn and Sarah Good and I doe not know who the other were. Sarah Good and Osburne would have me hurt the children but I would not she further saith there was a tale man of Boston that she did see.
(H) when did you see them.
(T) Last night at Boston.
(H) what did they say to you.
they said hurt the children
(H) and did you hurt them
(T) no there is 4 women and one man they hurt the children and they lay all upon me and they tell me if I will not hurt the children they will hurt me.
(H) but did you not hurt them
(T) yes, but I will hurt them no more.
(H) are you not sorry you did hurt them.
(T) yes.
(H) and why then doe you hurt them.
(T) they say hurt children or wee will doe worse to you.
(H) what have you seen.
an man come to me and say serve me.
(H) what service.
(T) hurt the children and last night there was an appearance that said kill the children and if I would no go on hurting the children they would do worse to me.
(H) what is this appearance you see.
(T) Sometimes it is like a hog and sometimes like a great dog, this appearance shee saith shee did see 4 times.
[page 46] (H) what did it say to you
(T) it S the black dog said serve me but I said I am afraid he said if I did not he would doe worse to me.
(H) what did you say to it.
(T) I will serve you no longer. then he said he would hurt me and then he looked like a man and threatens to hurt me, shee said that this man had a yellow bird that kept with him and he told me he had more pretty things that he would give me if I would serve him.
(H) what were these pretty things.
(T) he did not show me them.
(H) what also have you seen
(T) two rats, a red rat and a black rat.
(H) what did they say to you.
(T) they said serve me.
(H) when did you see them.
(T) last night and they said serve me, but I said I would not
(H) what service.
(T) shee said hurt the children.
(H) did you not pinch Elizabeth Hubbard this morning
(T) the man brought her to me and made me pinch her
(H) why did you goe to Thomas Putnams last night and hurt his child.
(T) they pull and hall me and make me goe
(H) and what would have you doe. Kill her with a knif.
[page 47] Left. Fuller and others said at this time when the child saw these persons and was tormented by them that she did complayn of a knife, that they would have her cut her head off with a knife.
(H) how did you go
(T) we ride upon stickes and are there presently.
(H) doe you goe through the trees or over them.
(T) we see nothing but are there presently.
[H] why did you not tell your master.
[T] I was afraid they said they would cut of my head if I told.
[H] would you not have hurt others if you cold.
[T] They said they would hurt others but they could not
[H] what attendants hath Sarah Good.
[T] a yellow bird and shee would have given me one
[H] what meate did she give it
[T] it did suck her between her fingers.
[H] did not you hurt Mr Currins child
[T] goode good and goode Osburn told that they ' did hurt Mr Currens child and. would have had me hurt him two, but I did not.
[H] what hath Sarah Osburn.
[T] yellow dog, shee had a thing with a head like a woman with 2 legges, and wings. Abigail Williams that lives with her Uncle Parris said that she did see the same creature, and it turned into the shape of Goode Osburn.
[H] what else have you seen with Osburn.
[T] another thing, hairy it goes upright like a man it hath only 2 leggs. [page 48] [H] did you not see Sarah Good upon Elizabeth Hubbard, last Saterday. [T] I did see her set a wolfe upon her to afflict her, the persons with this maid did say that she did complain of a wolfe.
T. shee further saith that shee saw a cat with good at another time.
[H] What cloathes doth the man go in
[T] he goes in black clouthes a tal man with white hair I thinke
[H] How doth the woman go
[T] in a white whood and a black whood with a top knot
[H] doe you see who it is that torments these children now.
[T] yes it is Goode Good, shee hurts them in her own shape
[H] and who is it that hurts them now.
[T] I am blind now. I cannot see.
Salem Village Written by Ezekiell Cheevers.
March the 1st 1691[92] Salem Village March Ist 1691[92]

Elizabeth Hubbard vs. Tituba.

The deposytion of Elizabeth Hubbard agged about 17 years who testifieth that on the 25th February 1691[92] I saw the Apperishtion of Tituba Indian which did immediately most greviosly torment me by pricking pinching and almost choking me, and so continued hurting me most greviously by times till the day of hir examination being the first of March and then also at the beginning of hir [page 49] examination but as soon as she began to confess, she left off hurting me and has hurt me but little sence.

Ann Putnam v. Tituba Indian.

The deposition of Ann Putnam who testifieth and saith that on the 25th of ffebruary 1691-92 I saw the Apparishtion of Tituba Mr Parishes Indian woman which did tortor me most greviously by pricking and pinching me most dreadfully tell the first day of March, being the day of hir examination, and then also most greviously, also at the beginning of hir examination, but senc she confessed that she hurt me but little.

Sam. Parris v. Tituba Indian.

The depofition of Sam: Parris aged about thirty and nine years, testifyeth and saith that Eliz: Parris junr and Abigail Williams and Ann Putnam junr, and Elizabeth Hubbard. were most greviously and severall times tortured during the examination of Sarah Good, Sarah Osburne and Tituba Indian, before the magistrates at Salem Village, 1 March 1691[92] And the said Tituba being the last of the abovesaid, that was examined, they the above ---- afflicted persons were grieviously distressed untill the said Indian began to confess, and then they were immediately all quiet the rest of the said Indian womans examination.

[page 50]

Tho. Putnam & Ezek Cheevers v. Tituba Indian.

Also Thomas Putnam aged about fourty years and Ezekiel Cheevers, aged about thirty and six years, testiŁy to the whole of the above-----and all the three deponents aforefaid further testify that after the said Indian began to confess, she was herself very much afflicted and in the face of authority, at the same time and openly charged the abovesd Good and Osburne as the persons that afflicted her the aforesaid Indian.
Salem. May the 23d 1692. Before vs.

P ordr of ye Govener & Councill

Mr. Paris on his oath owned this to be the truth, before the Juryars for inqwest, this 28 of June.

Jurat in Curia

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