Records of Salem Witchcraft
2 vols. (Roxbury, Mass.: W. Elliot Woodward, 1864).

Sarah Osborn
1: 35-41

[page 35]
Examination of Sarah Osburne.

Salem Village March the 1st 1691[92] Sarah Osburne the wife of Alexander Osburne of Salem Village brought before us by Joseph Herrick constable in Salem, to answer Joseph Hutcheson and Thomas Putnam &c yeomen in sd Salem Village Complainants on behalfe of theire Majests against (d Sarah Osburne for Suspition of Witchcraft by her Committed and thereby much Injury don to the bodys of Elizabeth Parris, Abigail Williams Anna Putnam and Elizabeth Hubert, all of Salem Village aforesaid, according to theire Complaint, according to a Warrant, Dated Salem ffebuy 29th 1691[92]

Sarah Osburne upon Examination denyed ye matter of fact (viz) yt she ever understood or used any Witchcraft, or hurt any of ye abouesd children.

The children above named being all personally present accused her face to face which being don, thay ware all hurt, afflicted and tortured very much; which being over and thay out of theire fitts thay sayd yt said Sarah Osburne, did then come to them and hurt them, Sarah Osburne being then keept at a distance personally from them. S. Osburne was asked why she then hurt them, she denyed it, it being asked of her how she could soe pinch and hurt them and yet she be at that distance personally from ym, she Answered she did not then hurt them, nor never did, she was asked who then did it, or who she Imploy to doe it, she Answered she did [page 36] not know yt ye Divell goes aboute in her likeness to doe any hurt. Sarah Osburne being told yt Sarah Good one of her Companions had upon Examination accused her, she nottwithstanding denyed ye same, according to her Examination, wch is mor at Large given in as therein will appeare.

p. vs. JOHN HATHORNE } Assits

Examination of Sarah Osburn.

(H) what evil spirit have you familiarity with.
(0) none.
(H) have you made no Contract with the devill.
(0) no I never saw the devil in my life.
(H) why doe you hurt these children.
(0) I doe not hurt them.
(H) who do you imploy then to hurt them.
(0) I imploy no body.
(H) what familiarity have you with Sarah Good.
(0) none. I have not seen her these 2 years.
(H) where did you see her then.
(0) one day a going to town.
(H) what communications had you with her.
(0) I had none, only, how doe you doe or so, I did not know her by name.
(H) what did you call her then. Osburn made a stand at that, at last said, shee called her Sarah.
(H) Sarah Good faith that it was you that hurt the children.
[page 37] (0) I doe not know that the devil goes about in my likeness to doe any hurt. Mr Hathorn desired all the children to stand up and look upon her and see if they did know her, which they all did and every one of them said that this was one of the women that did afflict them, and that they had constantly seen her in the very habit, that shee was now in, theire evidence do stand that shee said this morning that shee was more like to be bewitched, than that shee was a witch. Mr Hathorn asked her what made her say so, shee answered that shee was frighted one time in her sleep and either saw or dreamed that shee saw a thing like an indian all black which did prick her in her neck and pulled her by the back part of her head to the dore of the house
(H) did you never see anything else.
(0) no.
it was said by some in the meeting house that shee had said that shee would never be tied to that lying spirit any more.
(H) what lying spirit is this, hath the devil ever deceived you and been false to you.
(0) I doe not know the devil I never did see him.
(H) what lying spirit was it then.
(0) it was a voice that I thought I heard.
(H) what did it propound to you.
(0) that I should goe no more to meeting, but I said I would and did goe the next Sabbath day.
(H) were you never tempted furder.
(0) no
. [page 38](H) why did you yield thus far to the devil as never to goe to meeting since
(0) Alas. I have been sike and not able to goe. her husband and others said that shee had not been at meeting this yeare and two months.

William Allen John Hughes William Good and Samuel Braybrook vs. Sarah Osburn.

March 5th 1691[92]
Wm Allin faith yt on ye Ist of March att night he heard a strange noyse not useually heard, and so continued for many times so yt hee was afrighted and coming nearer, to it he there saw a strange and unuseall beast lyeing on the Ground so yt goeing up to it, ye sd Beast vanished away and in ye sd place starte up 2 or 3 weemen and fled from mee not after ye manner of other weemen but swiftley vanished away out of our fight which weemen wee took to be Sarah Good, Sarah Osburne an Tittabe ye time was about an hour within night and I John Hughes, faith ye fame beeing in Company then wth sd Allen. as wittness our hands.
William Allen
john hughes.

William Allen further saith yt on ye 2d day of March ye sd Sarah Good vissabley appeared to him in his chamber sd allen beeing in bed and brought an unuseuall light in wth her, ye sd Sarah came and sate upon his foot ye sd allen went to kick att her upon which shee vanished and ye light with her.

[page 39] William Good faith yt ye night before his sd wife was Examined he saw a wart or tett a Iittle belowe her Right shoulder which he never saw before and asked Goodwife Engersol whether she did not see it when shee searched her. John Hughes. further faith yt on ye 2d day of March yt comeing from Goodman Sibleys aboute Eight of ye clock in ye night hee saw a Great white dogg whome he came up to but he would not stire but when he was past hee ye sd dogg followed him about 4 or 5 pole and so disapeared ye same night ye sd John Hughes beeing in Bed in a closed Roome and ye dore being fast so yt no catt nor dogg could come in ye said John Saw a Great light appear in ye sd Chamber and Risieing up in his bed he say a large Gray Catt att his beds foot.

March ye 2d Saml Braybrook saith yt Carrieng Sarah Good to ippswich ye said Sarah leapt of her horse 3 times which was between I2 and 3 of ye clock, of ye same day weh ye daughter of Thomas Puttman declared ye same att her fathers house, ye sd Brabrook further saith yt sd Sarah Good tould him that shee would not oune herselfe to bee a witch unless she is proud one, shee saith yt there is but one evidence and yt an Indian and therefore she fears not, and so continued Rayling against ye Magistrates and she Endevered to kill herselfe.

Elizh Hubbard v. Sarah Osburne.

The Deposition of Elizabeth Hubbard aged about 17 years, who testifieth and saith that on the 27th [page 40] of february 1691[92] I saw the Apperishtion of Sarah Osborn the wife of Alexander Osborn who did most greviously tortor me by pricking and pinching me most dreadfully and so she continued hurting me most greviously tell the first of March 1691[92] being the day of hir Examination and then also Sarah Osborn did tortor me most greviously by pinching and pricking me most dredfully and also severall times since Sarah Osborn has afflected me and urged me to write in hir book.

Ann Putnam V Sarah Osborn.

The Deposistion of Ann Putnam who testifieth and saith that on the 25th of ffebruary 1691[92] I saw the apperishtion of Sarah Osborn the wife of Allexander Osborn who did Immediately tortor me most grev iously by pinching and pricking me dreadfully, and so she continued most dreadfully to afflect me, till the first day of March, being the day of hir examination and then also she did tortor me most dreadfully in the time of hir examination and also severall times sence. Sarah Osborn has afflected me and urged me to writ in hir book.

Abigail Williams v. Sarah Osborn and Sarah Good.

The testimony of Abigail Williams testifyeth and saith that severall times last February shee hath been much afflicted with pains in her head and other parts and often pinched by the apparition of Sarah Good, Sarah Osburn, and Tituba Indian all of [page 41] Salem Village, and also excessively afflicted by the said apparition of said Good Osburne and Tituba at their examination before authority the 1st of March last past 1691[92].

Further the said Abigail Williams testifyeth that she saw the apparition of Sarah Good at her examination pinch Eliz. Hubbard and set her into fits and also Eliz. Parris, and Ann Putman

The Mark of Abigail A. W. Williams
Testified before vs by Abigaile Williams. Salem May the 23d 1692
p'ordr of ye Gov'er & Councill.

Mercy Lewis v. Sarah Osborn.

Murcy lewes agged about 19 years who testifieth and . . . . of April 1692 the Apperishtion of Sarah Osborn . . . slected me urging me to writ in hir book. Salem ffebr the 29th day 1691[92]

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