Records of Salem Witchcraft
2 vols. (Roxbury, Mass.: W. Elliot Woodward, 1865).

George Burroughs

[page 109]
Examination of George Burrough.

The examination of Geo : Burrough. 9 May, 1692.
By the honoured
{Wm Stoughton }
{ John Hathorne}
{ Sam. Sewall, }Esqs
{ Jonath. Corwin}

Being askt wm he partook of the Lords supper, he being (as he said) in full comunion at Roxbury.

He answered is was so long since he could not tell : yet he owned he was at meeting one Sab : at Boston part of the day, and the other a Charlestown part of a Sab : when that sacrament happened to be at both, yet did not partake of either. He denyed that his house as Casko was haunted, yet he owned there were Toads. He denyed that he made his wife swear, that she could not write to his father Ruck without his approbation of her letter to her Father. He owned that none of his children, but the eldest was Baptized The above was in private none of the Bewitched being present, At his entry into the Room many (if not all of the Bewitched) were greviously tortured.

I . Sus. Sheldon testifyed that Burroughs two wives appeared in their winding sheets, and said that man killed them.

He was bid to look upon Sus. Sheldon,
He looked back and knockt down all (or most), of the afflicted wo flood behind him.
[page 110] Sus : Sheldon . . (one line gone) the soldiers

2. Mary Lewes deposition going to be read and he lookt upon her and she fell into a dreadful and tedious fit,

3. Mary Walcot {Testimony going to be read and they all fell into fits
4. Eliz Hubbard Sufan Sheldon {
Susan Sheldon {

Susan Sheldon {
Ann Putman Junr { affirmed each of them that he bought the Book and wd have them write.

Being askt wt he thought of these things. He answered it was an amazing and humbling Providence, but he understood nothing of it and he said (some of you may observe, that) when they begin to name my name, they cannot name it.

Ann Putman junr {
Susan Sheldon { Testifyed that his 2 wives & 2, Children were destroyed by him.

The Bewitched were so tortured that Authority ordered them to be taken away some of them.

6. Sarah Bibber testifyed that he had hurt her, tho she had not seen him personally before as she knew.
Abig. Hobbs { testimony read
Deliverance Hobbs {
Elizar Keifer{
Capt Willard { Testimony about his great strength and the Gun.
Jno Brown {
Jno Wheldon {
Capt Putman testifyed about the Gun.
[page 111] Capt Wormwood testifyed about the Gun and the Mallassoes He denyed that about the nalassoes About the Gun he said he took it before the lock and rested it upon his breast,
John Brown testifyed about a bbl Cyder.

He denyed that his family was affrighted by a white calf in his house

Capt Putman testifyed that he made his wife enter into a covenant. 11 May 1692.

. Hobbs in prison affirmed that Geo. Burroughs in his shape appeared to her, and urged her to set her hand to the Book, which she did, and after-wards in his own person he acknowledged to her, that he had made her set her hand to the Book.

The original minutes (of which the above is a true copy) is in the possesslon of I. F. Andrews Esq. and was found among Judge Hathornes papers, Aug. 8. 1843.

I. B. Curwine

Summons v. Geo. Burrough.

Wm & Mary by ye Grace of God of England L.S. and Scotland ffrance & Ireland King defendr of ye faith &ca
To James Greenslit Greeting-

Wee comand you all Excuses set apart to be and personaly appr at ye next Court of Oyer and Termina held at Salem on ye first Tuesday in August next There to Testify ye Truth on certain [page 112] Indictments to be Exhibited against George Burroughs and not depart ye Court without lycense or leave of sd Court hereof faile not on penalty of One hundred poundes money to be levied on your Goods chattels &ca Dated in Salem July 26th 1692.
To ye Sheriffe of Essex. STEP. SEWALL, Cle.

July 26th 1692. I have Sumoned the within named James Greinsley according to this within Sub. pena to Give in his Evidence att the time and place within mentioned. by me

GEO HERRICK Dept. Sheriff.

View of body of Geo. Burroughs.

Wee whoes names are under written having received an order from ye sreife for to search ye bodyes of George Burroughs and George Jacobs wee find nothing upon ye body of ye above sayd burroughs but wt is naturall, but upon ye body of George Jacobs wee find 3 tetts wch according to ye best of our Judgments wee think is not naturall for wee run a pinn through 2 of ym and he was not sinceible of it. one of them being within his mouth upon ye Inside of his right cheake and 2nd upon his right shoulder blade an a 3rd upon his right hipp.
Ed. Welch sworne
Tom flint Jurat
Will. Gill sworne.
Tom West sworne
Zeb. Hill Jurat
Sam Morgan sworne
John Bare Jurat.

[page 113]

Samuel Webber v. Geo. Burroughs.

Samuell Webber aged about 36 yeares Testifieth and sayth yt aboute seaven or eight Yeares agoe I lived at Casco Bay and George Burrough8 was then Minester there, and haveing heard much of the great strength of him sd Burroughs ; he Coming to our house wee ware in discourse aboute the same and he then told mee yt he had put his fingers into the Bung of a Barrell of Malases and lifted it up, and carryed it Round him and sett it downe againe.
Salem August 2d 1692.
Jurat in Curia. Samuell Webber.

Ann Putnam v. Geo. Burroughs.

The Deposition of Ann putnam who testifieth and saith that on 20th of April 1692 at evening she saw the Apperishtion of a minister at which she was greviously affrighted and cried out oh dreadfull : dreadfull here is a minister com, what are Ministers wicthes to : whence com you and What is your name for I will complaine of you tho you be A minister : if you be a wizzard : and Immedi-ately i was tortored by him being Racked and allmost choaked by him : and he tempted me to write in his book which I Refused with loud out cries and said I would not writ in his book tho he tore me al to peaces but tould him that it was a dreadfull thing : that he which was a Minister that should teach children to feare God should com to perswad poor creatures to give their souls to the [page 114]devill : Oh, dreadfull dreadfvll, tell me your name yt I may know who you are : then againe he tortored me and urged me to writ in his book : which I Refused : and then presently he tould me that his name was George Burroughs and that he had had three wives : and that he had bewitched the Two first of them to death ; and that he kiled Mist Lawson because she was so unwilling to goe from the village and also killed Mr Lawsons child because he went to the eastward with Sir Edmon and preached soe to the souldiers and that he had bewitched a grate many souldiers to death at the eastword when Sir Edmon was their, and that he had made Abigail Hobbs a wicth and severall wicthes more : and he has continwed. ever sence ; by times tempting me to write in his book and greviously tortoring me by beating pinching and almost choaking me severall times a day and he also tould me that he was above a wicth he was a conjurer.
Jurat in Curia.

Thomas Putnam, Peter Prescott, Robert Morrell & Ezekiel Cheever v. Geo. Burroughs.

wee whose names are under writen being present with Ann putnam att the time above mentioned hard hir declare what is above writen what she said she saw and hard from the Apperishtion of Mr George Burroughs and allso beheld hir tortors and perceived her hellish temtations by hir loud out cries I will not I will not writ tho you torment me [page 115]al days of my life, and being conversant with hir ever sence have seen hir tortored and coplaining that Mr Burroughs hirt hir, and tempts hir to writ in his book,
Thomas putnam
peter prescott
Roburt Morrell,
Ann Putnam declared her above written evidence to be ye truth before ye Jury of Inquest. Augst 3. 92. upon her oath
Ezekiel Cheever made oath to ye latter part of this paper. Jurat in Curia.

Ann Putnam v. Geo. Burroughs.

The deposistion of Ann putnam who testifieth and saith that on the 3th of may 1692, at evening I saw the Apperishtion of Mr George Burroughs who greviously tortored me and urged me to writ in his book which I refused then he tould me that his Two first wives would appear to me presently and tell me a grat many lyes but I should not believe them, then Immediately appeared to me the forme of Two women in winding sheats and napkins about their heads, att which I was gratly affrighted, and they turned their faces towards Mr Burroughs and looked very red and angury and tould him that he had been a cruell man to them, and that their blood did crie for vengance against him : and also tould him that they should be cloathed with white Robes in heaven., when he should be cast into hell, and immediately he vanished away, and as soon as he was gon the Two [page 116] women turned their faces towards me and looked as pail as a white wall : and tould me that they were Mr Burroughs Two first wives and that he had murthered them : and one tould me that she was his first wife and he stabed her under the left Arme and put a peace of sealing wax on the wound and she pulled aside the winding sheat, and shewed me the place and also tould me that she was in the house Mr parish now lived wr it was don, and the other tould me that Mr Burrough and that wife which he hath now kiled hir in the vessell as she was coming to see hir friends because they would have one another : and they both charged me that I should tell these things to the Magistrates before Mr Burroughs face and if he did not own them they did not know but they should appere their : thes moring. also Mis Lawson and hir daughter Ann appeared to me whom I knew, and tould me that Mr Burroughs murthered them, this morning also appered to me another woman in a winding sheat and tould me that she was goodman ffullers first wife and Mr Burroughs kiled hir because there was sum differance between hir husband and him , also on the 9th may dureing the time of his examination he did most greviously torment and afflect mary Walcott mercy lewes Eliz. Hubberd and Abigail williams by pinching prickg and choaking them. Jurat in Curia.

[page 117]

Edward Putnam and Thomas Putnam v. Geo. Burroughs.

we whose names are under writen being present with ann putnam at the times above mentioned, saw hir tortured and hard hir refuse to writ in the book also hard hir declare what is above writen : what she said she saw and hard from the Apperishtion of Mr George Burroghs and from thos which accused him for murthering of them.
Edward putnam
Thomas putnam

Ann putnam ownid this har testimony to be the truth uppon her oath before the Juriars of Inquest this 3d of Agust 92.

Mercy Lewis v. Geo. Burroughs.

the deposistion of mircy Lewes who testifieth and saith that one the 7th of may 1692. att evening I saw the apperishtion of Mr George Burroughs whom i very well knew which did greviously tortor me and urged me to writ in his book and then he brought to me a new fashon book which he did not use to bring and tould me I might writ in that book : for that was a book that was in his studdy when I lived with them : but I tould him I did not beleve him for I had been often in his studdy but I never saw that book their : but he tould me that he had severall books in his studdy, which I never saw in his studdy and he could raise the divell : and now had bewitched Mr. [page 118] Sheppards daughter and I asked him how he could goe to bewitch hir now he was keept at Salem ; and he tould me that the divell was his Sarvant, and he sent him in his shap to doe it, then he againe tortored me most dreadfully and threatened to kill me for he said I should not witnes against him also he tould me that he had made Abigaill Hoobs a wicth and Severall more then againe he did most dreadfully tortor me as if he would have racked me all to peaces and urged me to writ in his book or elce he would kill me but I tould him I hoped my life was not in the power of his hand and that I would not writ tho he did kill me : the next night he tould me I should not see his Two wifes if he could help it because I should not witnes against him : this 9th may mr Burroughs carried me up to an exceeding high mountain and shewed me all the Kingdoms of the earth and tould me that he would give them all to me if I would writ in his book, and if I would not he would thro me down and brake my neck : but I tould him they ware non of his to give and I would not writ if he throde me down on 100 pichforks : also on the 9th may being the time of his examination mr. George Burroughs did most dreadfully torment me : and also Several times sence.
marce lwis uppon har oath did owne this har testimony to be the truth before the Juriors for Inquest ; agust 3: 92.

[page 119]

Thomas Putnam Edward Putnam v. Geo. Burroughs.

we whose names are under writen being present hard mircy lewes declare what is above written what she said she saw and hard from the Apperishtion of Mr George Burroughs and also beheld hir tortors which we cannot express for sume times we wore redy to fear that every Joint of hir body was redy to be displaced : also we perceived hir hellish temtations by hir loud out cries mr Burroughs I will not writ in your book tho you doe kil me.
Thomas putnam
Edward Putnam.
Jurat in Curia.

Simon Willard v. Geo. Burroughs.

The Deposition of Simon Willard aged about forty two years sayth I being at ye house of Mr Robt Lawrance at ffalmoth in Casco Bay in Septembr 1689 sd Mr Lawrance was commending Mr George Borroughs his strength : Saying that we none of us could doe what he could doe : for sd Mr Borroughs can hold out this gun with one hand ; Mr. Borroughs being there : Sayd I held my hand here behind ye lock and took it up, and held it out, I sd deponant Saw Mr Borroughs put his hand on ye gun : to show us : how he held it and where he held his hand, and Saying there he held his hand when he held sd gun out : but I Saw him not hold it out then, sd gun was about Seven foot barrill [page 120] and very hevie I then tryed to hold out sd gun with both hands, but could not do it long enough to take sight.
Simon Willard

Simon willard owned to ye Jury of inquest, that ye above written evidence is ye truth,
Augst 3 : 1692. Jurat in Curia.

Wm Wormall v. Geo. Burroughs.

Capt Wm Wormall Sworne to ye above and yt he Saw him Raise it from ye ground, himselfe.

Jurat in Curia.

The Deposition of Simon Willard aged about 42 years saith I being at Saco in ye year 1689 some in Capt Ed Sarjants garison was speaking of mr George Borroughs his great strength saying he could take a barrill of molasses out of a Cannoe or boat alone, and that he could take it in his hands or arms out of ye Cannoo or boat and carry it and set it on ye shore and mr Burroughs being there sayd that he had carryed one barrill of molasses or sider out of a cannoo that had like to have done him a displeasure : sd mr Borroughs intimated as if he did not want strength to do it but ye disadvantage of ye shore was such, that his foot slipping in the sand : he had liked to have strained his legg.
Simon Willard

Simon Willard ownd to ye Jury of inquest, that ye above written evidence is ye truth.
Jurat in Curia.

[page 121]

Sarah Vibber v. Geo. Burroughs.

The deposistion of Sarah viber who testifieth and saith that on the 9th day of may 1692. as I was agoeing to Salem village I saw the apperishtion of a little man like a minister with a black coat on and he pinched me by the arme and bid me goe along with him but I tould him I would not but when I came to the village I saw theire Mr George Burroughs or his Apparance most greviously torment and afflect mary walcott mercy luis Elizabeth Hubbert Ann putnam and abigaill williams by pinching twisting & almost choaking them to death also severall times sence mr George Burrougs or his Apperance has most greviously tormented me with variety of tortors and I beleve in my heart that mr George Burroughs is a dreadfull wizzard and that he has most greviously tormented me and the above mentioned parsons by his acts of wicthcraft.
Sarah Viber declared to ye Jury of inquest that the above written evidence is the truth. Augst 3 : 1692. the which she owned on her oath
Jurat in Curia.

Eliza Hubbard v. Geo. Burroughs.

May ye 9.1692. Elizabeth bubord aged about 17 yers saith that ye last second day at night : There apeared a Iittle black heard man to me in blackish aparill I asked him his name and he told me his name was borrous, Then he tooke a booke out [page 122] of his pocket : and opened it and bid me set my hand to it I tould him I would not ; ye lines in this book was read as blod, then he pinched me twise and went away : The next morning he appeared to me againe and tould me he was above a wizard ; for he was a conjurar and so went away but sins that he hath apeared to me every day & night very often and urged me very much to set my hand to his book, and to run a way telling me if I would do soe I should be well and that I should need feare no body : and withall tormented me severall ways every time he came exept that time he told me he was a conjuror : This night he asked me very much to set my hand to his book or else he sayed he would kill me ; withall tortoring me very much by biting and pinching squesing my body and running pins into me, also on the 9th may 1692. being the time of his examination mr George Burroughs or his Apperance did most greviously afflect and torment the bodyes of mary walcott mercy lewes Ann putnam and Abigail williams for if he did but look upon them he would strick them down or almost choak them to death also severall times sence he has most dreadfully afflicted and tormented me with variety of torments and I beleve in my heart yt mr George Burroughs is a dreadfull wizzard and that he has very often tormented me and also the above named parsons by his acts of wicthcraft.

Jurat in Curia.

Eliz. Hubbard declared ye above written evidence to be ye truth, upon her oath, that she had taken : [page 123] this she owned before ye Jury of inquest : Augss 3. 1692.

Summons v. Geo. Burroughs.

William & Mary by ye Grace of God of England Scotland ffrance & Ireland King & Queen defendrs of ye faith &ca
mr Jno Ruck mrs Eliz : Ruck mr Thomas Ruck and Samuel Ruck,
To Capt William Worwood Greeting
Wee comand you all Excuses set apart to be and personaly appear at ye present Court of Oyer & Termina held at Salem there to Testify ye truth to ye best of our knowledge on certain Indictmts Exhibited against mr George Burrough : hereof fail not : dated in Salem Augt 5th 1692. and in ye fourth year of Our Reign.


August 5th The persons above Named where all every of them sumoned to appeare as above by me, by me
JOSEPH NEALE Constb in in Salem.

Thos. Greenslett V. Geo. Burroughs.

Tho Greenslett aged about forty years being deposed Testifieth yt about the first breaking out of the last Indian warre being att the house of Capt Joshua Scotts att Black point, he saw mr George Burrows who was lately executed at Salem lift a gunn of six foot Barrell or thereabouts putting the fore finger of his right hand into the musell of sd [page 124] gunn and that he held it out att arms end only wth thatt finger, and further this deponent testyfieth that at the same time he saw the sd Burrows Take up a full barrll of molasses wth butt two of fingers of one of his hands in the bung and carry itt from ye stage head to the door att the end of the stage wth out letting itt downe and that Liut Richd Hunniwell and John Greinslett were then present and some others yt are dead.

Thomas Greenslit

his marke. Jurat.

Deliverance Hobbs v. Geo. Burroughs.

Deliverance Hobs Confession. That they were both at the generall meeting of the Witches in Mr Parishes Mr. Burroughs preached and administered to them.

Hannah Harris v. Geo. Burroughs.

The depotion of Hannah Harris Aiged twenty seven years or thare abouts Testifieth and saith that she lived at ye hous of Georg Burros at falmouth and the above said hannah harres many times hath taken notis that when she hath had anny Discorse with the above said burross wife when the above said burros was from hom that apone his Returne he hath often scolded wife and told her that he knew what they said when he was abroad and further saith that apone a time when his wife had Laine In Not above one weake that he fell out with his wife and kept her by Discorce at the Dore till [page 125] she fell sicke In ye place and grew wors at night so that ye above said hannah harres was afraid she would dye and thay called In thare Naibours and the above said burroses Daughter told One of ye Women that was thare ye cause of her mothers Ellness and ye above said burros chid his Daughter for telling and ye above said burros came to the above said hannah harres and told her If that his wif Did otherwise then well she should not tell of it & the above said hannah harres told him that she would not be confined to any such thing.

Jurat in Curia.

Benja Hutchinson v. Geo. Burroughs.

Beniemin huchension sd that one the 21st aprell 92. abegeral Wiluams sd that there was a lettell black menester that Lived at Casko bay he told me so and sd that he had kild 3 wifes two for himself and one for mr Losen and that he had made nine weches in this plase and sd that he could hold out the hevest gun that is in Casko bay wth one hand wc no man can Case hold out wt both hands this Is about a 11 a clock and I ask her where about this lettel man stood sd she just where the Cart wheell went along I had a 3 graned irne fork in my hand and I thru it wher she said he stud and she presently fell in a letel seet and when it twas over Said She you have toren his coot for I herd it tare wher abouts said I one won side said she, then we come into the house of left. Ingersall and I went into the great roome and abigle come In and said ther he [page 126] stands I said wher wher and presently drood my rapyer but he emmedetly was gon as she said then said she ther is a gray catt then i said wher abouts doth she stand ther sd she thar then I struck with my rapyer then she fell in a fitt and when it was over she said you kild hur and immedatly Sary good com and carrid hur away, this was about l2 a clock. The same day after lecttor in ye said : Ingersolls chamber abigaill wiliams mary walcot said that goody hobs of topsell bitt mary walcot by ye foot then both falling into a fit as soone as it was over ye said william hobs and his wife goe both of them a longe ye table ye said hucheson tooke his rapier stabed gooddy hobs one ye side as abigaill williams and mary walcot saide ye said abigaill and mar said ye roome was full of ym then ye said hucheson & Ely putnam stabed with their raperres at a ventor yn said mary and abigell you have killed a greet black woman of Stonintown and an Indian that come with her for ye flore is all covered with blood then ye said mary and abigaill looked out of dores and said ye saw a greet company of them one a hill & there was three of them lay dead ye black woman and the indian and one more yt ye knew not.
This being about 4 a clock in ye after noone.

Susannah Shelden v. Geo. Burroughs.

The Complaint of Susannah Shelden against mr burros which brought a book to mee and told mee if i would not set my hand too it hee would tear mee to peesses i told him i would not then hee told [page 127] mee hee would starve me to death then the next morning hee tould mee hee could not starve mee to death, but hee would choake mee that my vittals should doe me but litl good then he tould mee his name was borros which had preached at the vilage the last night hee came to mee and asked mee whither i would goe to the uillage to morrow to witnes against him i asked him if he was examened then he told hee was then i told him i would goe then hee told mee hee would kil mee beefour morning then hee apeared to mee at the hous of nathanniel ingolson and told mee hee had been the death of three children at the eastward and had kiled two of his wifes the first hee smouthered and the second he choaked and killed two of his own children.

Major Brown, Thomas Ruck, Thomas Evans, Sarah Wilson, Martha Tyler & als v. Geo. Burroughs.

Memorandm in mr George Burroughs Tryall besides ye written Evidences yt was Sworne Seull who gave yrs by word of mouth Major Browne holding out a heavy Gun wth one hand.
Thomas Ruck of his sudden coming in after ym and yt he could tell his thoughts.
Thomas Evans yt he carried out Barrels Molosses and meat &c out of a canoo whilst his mate went to ye fort for hands to help out wth ym Sarah Wilson Confesst yt ye night before mr Burroughs was Executed yt yr was a great meeting of ye witches Nigh Sarjt Chandlers yt mr Bur. was yr and yy had [page 128] ye Sact and after yy had done he tooke leave and bid ym Stand to yr faith, and not own any thing.
Martha Tyler saith ye same wth Sarah Wilson & Severall others,

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