Records of Salem Witchcraft
2 vols. (Roxbury, Mass.: W. Elliot Woodward, 1865 ).

Elizabeth Fosdick and Elizabeth Paine

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Complaint v. Eliza Fosdick & Eliza Paine.

Salem May the 30th 1602.
Lt Nathaniell putnam and Joseph Whipple both of Salem Village made Complaint in behalfe of theire majests against Elizabeth ffosdick of Maulden the wife of John ffosdick aforesd Carpenter & Elizabeth paine of Charlstown the wife of Stephen paine 0f sd husbandman for sundry acts of Witchcraft by them Committed Lately on the bodys of Marcy Lewis and Mary Warren of Salem Willage or farmes to theire great hurt therefore craves Justice.
Nathanell Putnam
Joseph whipple.

The abovesayd Complaint was Exhibited before us Salem May the 30th 1692.

peter Tuft of Charlstowne also appeared before vs Salem June 2d 1692 and also Complained against both ye abovsfd for acts of Witchcraft by them Committed on his negro Woman.

The mark of Peter Tufts

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Warrant v. Elizabeth Fosdick & Elizabeth Paine.

To the Marshall or Sheriff of the County of Middlesex or dept
You are in theire Majests names hereby required to apprehend and bring before us at Salem forthwith or as soon as may be Elizabeth ffosdick the wife of John ffofdick of Maulden Carpenter and Elizabeth paine the wife of Stephen paine of Charlestowne husbandman, for sundry acts of Witchcraft by them Committed Lately on ye Bodys of Marcy Lewis Mary Warren &c of Salem Village or farmes to theire great hurt and Injury accordg to Complaint Exhibited before vs appears, fail not, Dated Salem June the 2d 1692 :

I doe Appoint Samll Gibson of Cambridge To Serve this warrant To Effect. June 2d 1692.
SANll GOOKIN Marsh 11 for Mddx.

June 2d 1692. I have Appehended the above named Elizebeth paine and delivered her unto the Sheriff of the County of Essex att Salem in ye County aforesd in order to her examination and waite in expectation of the above sd Elizabeth Fosdick by mee.
June 3, 92 I have all So apprehended the body of Elizabeth ffosdick of mauldin and delivered her to the above said Sheriff of Essex,
SAMll GIBSON ye marsh dep.

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