Records of Salem Witchcraft
(Roxbury, Mass.: W. Elliot Woodward, 1864).

Elizabeth Hart

[page 233]
Warrant v. Elizb Hart.

To ye Marshall of ye County of Essex or his Deputy. You are in theire Majestys Names hereby required to Apprehend and bring before us upon Tuesday next be being ye sevententh day of this instant May by of ye clock in ye forenoon att ye house of Leut Nath Ingersoll in Salem Village the bodys of Thomas ff rer senr of Lin Husbandman and Elizabeth Hart ye wife of Isaac Hart of [page 234] Lynn Hasbandman whoe stand charged in behalf of theyr Majestys with high Suspittion of Sundry acts of witchcraft done or Committed upon the bodys of Ann Putnam Mercy Lewis, and others in Salem Village whereby great hurt hath bin done them And here of you are not to ffaile.
Salem datd May 14. 1692.


May 15th 1692. I have apprehended ye above named persons and brought them att att ye time and place abovewritten to answer as above

P GEORGE HERRICK Marshall of Essex,

Susana Sheldon v. Elizb Hart.

more ovr one the 19th day above Written 92
Susana Shelden saith that wife buchle did Aflickd [me & her dater Mary & Misteres Hart.

Ann Putnam v. Elizb Hart.

The Deposistion of Ann Putnam who testifieth and saith that I have Often seen the Apperishtion of Gooddy heart among the witches but I did not know who she was nor she did me no hurt tell the 13th of May 1692. that she came to my ffather house personally and tould me who she was and asked me if she had ever hurt me but ever sence that day she has hurt me most greviously severall times and urgeth me greviously to writ in hir book.

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