Records of Salem Witchcraft
2 vols. (Roxbury, Mass.: W. Elliot Woodward, 1864).

Dorcas Good

[page 74]
Warrant V. Dorcas Good.

To the Marshall of Essex or his Dept.
You are in theire Majests names hereby required to bring before vs. Dorcas Good the Daughter of Wm Good of Salem Village tomorrow morning upon suspition of acts of witchcraft by her committed according to complaints made against her by Edwd Putman and Jonat Putnam of Salem Village and here of faile not.
Dated Salem. March 23d 1691[92]

March 23d 1691 [92]. I doe apoint Mr Sanee Brabrook to bee my lawfull Deputy, to serve this sumons and to make a true returne.
Pr. GEORGE HERRIcK Marshall of Essex.

Officer's Return.

March 24.1691[92] I have taken ye body of [page 75] Dorcas Good, and sent her to ye house of Leut Nath Ingersol, and is in custody.
Barshall's Deputy.

Mercy Lewis V. Dorcas Good.

The deposistion of Mercy lewes aged about 19 years who testifieth and faith, that on the 3d. April 1692. the Apperishtion of Dorrithy Good, Sarah Goods daughter came to me and did afflect me urging me to writ in hir book and feuerall times sence Dorithy Good hath afflected me biting pinch-ing and choaking me urging me to writ in hir book. Mary Walcot V. Dorcas Good. The deposition of Mary Walcot aged about 17 years who testifieth that about the 21 March 1691[92] saw the Apperishtion of Dorothy Good. Sarah Goods daughter com to me and bit me, and pinch me and so she continuved afflecting me by times tell 24 March being the day of hir examination and then she did torment and afflect me most gre-viously during the time of hir examination and also feuerall times sence the Apperishtion of Doro-thy Good has afflected me by biting pinching and almost choaking me. urging me to writ in hir book. Ann Putnam V. Dorcas Good. The deposistion of Ann Putnam who testifieth and faith that on the 3th March 1691[92] I saw the Ap-perishtion of Dorythy Good Sarah Good's daughter who did immediately almost choak me and tortored me most greviously, and so she hath feuerall times sence tortored me by biting and pinching and almost choaking me tempting me also to writ in hir book, and also on the day of hir examination being the 24th March 1691[92] the Apperishtion of Dorithy Good did most greviously tortor me dureing the time of hir Examination and severall times sence.

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