Indian and British Depredations

We have now to record as melancholy an instance of the savage barbarity of the noble allies as that which was given in our paper of last week.  -- On Wednesday evening last about sunset the family of mr. Haryman, consisting of himself, his wife & five small children were murdered at their residence upon the Embaras River [Embarras River], in the Illinois territory, & about 5 miles from this place.  Mr. Haryman was in the act of loading a perogue and had his family at the waters edge for the purpose of embarking them, when he was fired on - - a young man who lived with him, & who had gone back to the house a short distance off, to bring something that was left, had an opportunity of making his escape.  On Thursday, col. Miller, with a detachment of the United States troops went to the spot and interred as decently as circumstances would permit the mangled bodies of this unfortunate family. - - Mr. Haryman was a mill-right, a respectable citizen and an emigrant from the state of Vermont.  A party of rangers and militia were sent after the Indians, but a violent rain which fell the night succeeding the murder obliterated their tracts and rendered the pursuit impracticable.

In consequence of the above mentioned murders the alarm was shortly after communicated to the town, and we cannot but highly applaud the spirit and alacrity man

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