A New Song




Tune - -  "Adams and Liberty"

When Liberty's banner first rose in our clime,

From the Pilgrims of Albion the standard descended,

The Goddess arose in splendor sublime,

And swore by their sons, it should be ever defended:

            Of her voice the sweet sound

            Struck the shores all around,

            And sung this bold anthem to charter the ground;

That ne'er in Columbia, shall her banner be furl''d,

While the Sun guides the planets, or enlightens the world.


The savage untuter'd acknowledg'd the deed,

For Heaven confirm'd it in a voice of dread thunder,

And declar'd that tho' Heroes and Freemen should bleed,

No force should e'er rend the great charter asunder:

            But that virtue and lore,

            Should pervade the glad shore,

            Mid the blessings of freedom till time is no more.

Then remember the pilgrims, who baffled the waves,

And swear by their shades we will never be slaves.


O list to my Lyre! For victory beams,

With glowing effulgence on Harrison's sword,

The Prophet is roused - - has awoke from his dreams,

And Missouri's wild muse shall the story record:

            Let the savage be told,

            Who his birthright has sold,

            And oft spilt our best blood for Britain's poor gold,

That nought but submission his existence can save,

Since he dares the attack of the free and the brave.


The gloom of November enshrouded the scene,

And the gathering storm murmured deep in the wind,

While the Agents of Britain, in council convene;

With the Fanatic chief and with falshood combin'd.

            Yet in virtue enshrin'd,

            With glory conjoin'd,

            No gloom can o'ercast the intelligent mind:

Then strike the bold anthem to Harrison's name

And the Heroes who followed his standard and fame.


The Patriot Band with fatigue were oppress'd,

And a PROPHET [Tenskwatawa] had promised the STANDARD OF' WHITE.

Their swords were their pillow - - their slumbers unbles'd,

For perfidy's smile overshadowed the night.

            Death with silence empal'd,

            Their brave sentries assail'd,

            And Treachery masked, by darkness prevail'd,

But Columbia's Genius, in Harrison's form,

Arose on the DEMON, and guided the storm.


Thro' the deep gloom of night was Victory seen,

By the beams her car - - with her standard unfurl'd,

She gave it to Daviess, and declar'd by her mien,

That the hero was fitted to conquer the world;

            But Fate gave the meed,

            That Daviess should bleed,

            And the standard of Victory to Boyd was decreed.

Yet weep not Kentucky - - tears avail not to save,

Your Favorite sleeps with the good and the brave.


Columbia Bids Fame with her clarions sound,

Proclaim loud the heroes who fell in her cause;

While Freedom in sorrow beams over the ground,

Where Owen, White, Spencer and Warrick repose,

            And Randolph's mild name,

            So emblazon'd by Fame,

            And Berry has ravish'd a soldier's proud name,

Heaven blesses the frost which now glistens the grave,

Where our warriors have conquered -- where slumber the



Take, Gallant Survivors, Columbia's smile,

Let unperishing laurels encircle your name!

E'er long you shall meet the proud sons of the Isle,

And their arms as their perfidy vanquish to shame,

            For in Freedom combined,

            With our hearts and swords join'd,

             Our Empire we'll raise and defy all mankind;

For the soil of Columbia cannot nurture a slave,

Yet she's rich in her blessings for the free and the brave.

How to cite this article:  Joseph Cross, "Harrison's Victory" Louisiana Gazette (St. Louis, Louisiana Territory), 21 Dec. 1811, p. 4, available at http://history.hanover.edu/texts/1811.

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