A Very Large Comet


Last night about seven o'clock, an unusual light was dimly seen towards the N. W. -- Presently it was found to be a Comet.  Desirous that it should be observed through a telescope, Mr. Patterson was informed of it immediately.  From the top of the University we had a very full view of it.  Its rays appeared to extend about 15 feet, inclining to the north, but nearly on a line with the horizon.  He noted its position, but with the eye only; and trying it on the Globe, found it to be about 50 degrees from the north pole, and nearly the point of an angle with the four first stars of the great bear; that is, from Alpha and Beta, and Gamma and Delta.  It was supposed that it would set about half past 9 at night, but that it would again rise in about 7 hours.  While the Comet was much admired for its beauty and magnitude, no precision in any way was used.  Particular observations may be made to night; and no doubt but Mr. Patterson will inform himself in every circumstance relating to it.

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