Robert Fulton, letter to John, 15 June 1812, Roosevelt Family Papers, Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum
(image available online).


New York, June 15th 1812

Dear John

Mr Roosevelt has arrived and I am now about Setteling his accounts, But to that end it is important to have an inventory of Kitchen furniture. Bedding linen tables chairs and indeed furniture. Knives plates forks pitchers and everything of furniture kind on board. his Bills for such articles amount to about 2000$

Feby 6 the Boat left natchez on her second trip. Mr Rosivelt has on his accounts

For freight from Natches to New Orleans . . . 540.12
Passengers . . . 382     
15 feby Freight from New Orleans to Natches . . . 610.12
Passengers . . . 703.50
Total Gross receipts for the up and down trip . . . 2235.74

Mr William Ives merchant at Natches was agent for the Boat

he wrote to his Brother in connecticut a letter giving an accout of these two trips of which letter the brother gave me extracts as follows

Down Trip                  
550 Bales of cotton [$1.125] . . . 619.35
30 passengers 13 dollars each . . . 540     

Up Trip [Feb.] 15            
1500 Barrels [$1.50] . . . 2250     
30 passegers at 25 dollars each . . . 750     

From the Character of Mr Ives he is a man of honor and can have no objection to state what he knows of the proceeds of these two trips and all others which have come under his immediate and correct knowledge. you will therefore desire Capt Clement when he arrives at Natches to See Mr Ives and learn from him or get possession in writing the proceeds of these two trips in particular and of other trips also without mentioning what the inforation is for. But merely to know the most productive trip the Boat has made. Keep a copy of Mr Iveses statement and Send the original to me.

There is in his accouts for Groceries at Pittsburgh 314.45
Decm 10[:] Sugar Rice Coffee . . . 198.36
May 15[:] Talcott and Bowers' groceries and Sundries . . . 929.90

You have I hope an inventory of the Liquors and Groceries which were on Board the Boat when you took possession if not ascertain it as near as you can and Send it to me. The Above information -- as Soo as possible.

As to the Boat Mr Roosevelt States that her gross receips were 13641.12 Cents
out of which debts to pay at Pittsburgh, 6395.70         
Leaves 7345.42         
Debts yet due 3342.93         
Total it has out 10633.35         

to work the Boat from Pittsburgh from which she started 16 of Oct to May 4th 6 months
[remainder of letter is not available]

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