Chillicothe, Feb. 1
Earthquake Again


On Monday last another slight trembling of the earth was felt at this place.  These frequent convulsions have caused very considerable alarm in the town and neighbourhood; and are considered, by many, to forebode some awful calamity.  The shock which was severely felt here, on the 23d ult. has, we believe, been as extensively felt as those on the 16th & 17th of December. At Marietta and Washington, (Ky.) it was accompanied by a rumbling noise.  The Courier, printed at Louisville, (Ky.) states, that several chimnies were broken off, the clocks stopped, plates thrown off the tables, and it is said, by some, that fissures, in the ground, several yards long, and an inch and an half wide, were discovered in the street near the market house. 

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