Lexington (Ken.) Decem. 17


On yesterday morning about half after 2 o'clock was experienced a very severe shock from an Earthquake, at this place, it lasted about 2 minutes - - about half after 7 it again was felt, but not in such an alarming degree.  Nature appears to have been prodigal in the exhibition of her phenomena, during the present year - - a fiery Comet has for many months appeared in continual view. - - Tornadoes have ravaged the continent from Maine to Georgia. - - The Ocean has been the subject of Volcanic terror; and new Islands have arisen therefrom.  The great scale upon which Nature is operating should be a solemn admonition to men, (or those ANIMALS in the shape of men) to abandon the pitiful, groveling, schemes of venality and corruption in the prosecution of which they are so ardently engaged. - - An HONEST heart, alone, can view those great events with composure. [The?] political swindler the assassin of REPUTATION, must feel severely, the visitation of conscience, at such momentous periods when Nature appears, in spasmodic fury, no longer tolerate the moral turpitude of man.

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