In addition to the communication on the same subject published on this paper last week.

 Friday evening, December 20

On Tuesday, at 15 minutes before 12 o’clock a.m., a seventh shock of the earthquake was felt.  It was short and so weak as not to be observed by everyone.  About half past 11 in the morning of this day it appears from the concurrent testimony of several citizens that an eighth shock, of a few seconds duration, occurred. 

On Tuesday there was copious rain, with wind from the SE—S and SW veering in the evening to the NW in which direction it continued till last night.  On Wednesday there were slight falls of snow.  Since that day the sky has been clear.  On Tuesday the thermometer was 42 degrees; on Wednesday it fell to 28, and yesterday morning and this morning to 18 degrees.


1811, December 16, Monday morning - -

1st:  2:15 A.M., 15 min. duration
2nd:  2:45 A.M. (slight), 3 min. duration
3d:    7:15 A.M., 5 min. duration
4th:    7:25 A.M., 4 1/2 min. duration
5th:    7:45 A.M. (slight)
6th:  10 o’clock, A.M., 2 1/2 min. duration
7th:  11:30 P.M. (slight in some places and considerably felt in others)
8th:  11:35, A.M., Dec. 17th

The 1st and 3d most severely felt here, and shook the earth and all nature most terribly.

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