Drug Stores

Daniel Drake & Co.


Having purchase the DRUG STORE of David C. Wallace, beg leave to inform the friends of that establishment, and the public in general, that it wil be continued and regularly supplied with the best Medicines, at the usual place. Their first Store is still kept opposite the west end of Market street, where from some recent arrangements, they will be enabled to furnish Country Physicians, Apothecaries and Merchants on better terms than heretofore

Beeswax, Tallow, Whiskey and Sugar will be taken in payment.

September 28, 1811


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How to cite this article: “Drug Stores,” Western Spy (Cincinnati, Ohio), 28 Sept. 1811, p. 3, available at http://history.hanover.edu/texts/1811.

Note:  Quinna sulphur, quinine, and glycerine were just a few of the ingredients used in medicine in 1811. According to Dr. Luke Starnes, the first two are a type of root, and the last is a syrup substance to help preserve things.  Several tree barks, as well as rum and whiskey, were common ingredients in medicines for various purposes.  One surprise was an old German recipe which required one pound of sugar for a cough drop recipe.  Sources:  Elisabeth Zulauf Kelemen, A Horse-And –Buggy Doctor in Southern Indiana (Finn Typographic Service, 1973), 34-35; Luke Starnes, conversation, 30 Nov. 2011.

[Transcription and note by Chelcee Rehmel, HC 2015.]