Frankfort, September 4


We have understood from good authority, that Governor Harison, has requested of the Executive of this state, permission for a troop of the Jefferson Cavalry to accompany him on his proposed expedition against the Indians, and that the request was granted.  The company is to be made up out of volunteers from the two troops in jefferson county; Capt. Funk will command them.  Gov. harrison's first object is to erect some forts upon the upper boundary of our late purchase from the Indians; and eventually to remove the banditti which have been collected upon the Wabash river by the Shawanoe prophet [the Shawnee, Tenskwatawa].  This statement may be relied on.  A kind of inofficial statement is afloat, that the Shawanoe prophet will be taken into the custody of the whites, if he can be caught.  The last mail from Vincennes, furnished us with no paper from that place or beyond it.

Col. Daviess, has advertised for volunteers to accompany him on the contemplated expedition against the indians.  It is probable he will be able to collect a company.

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