From the Scioto Gazette [Chillicothe, Ohio]
A Comet!

Another of those singular and extraordinary bodies has made its appearance within view of our globe. It was discovered a few evenings since, by the writer of this article, but its apparent smallness, and the haziness of the atmosphere, prevented its being again seen for several evenings. However, the last and present evening have been favorable for viewing it. Its present place at dark is a little south of west, and about twenty-five degrees above the horizon. It appears to be surrounded by a small portion only of that dense fluid or atmosphere, for which most bodies of this kind are so remarkable -- yet its train or tail (so called) is very perceivable some distance from the body. It has changed in place considerably since it was first observed, and is now apparently five degrees higher above the horizon. From this it is evident that it has passed its perihelia, and must be receding from the sun, and the region of the planets.

Those who may have the necessary apparatus, and the ability to use them, are respectfully advised of this opportunity for adding to the stock of astronomical knowledge, by ascertaining the elements of the orbit of this aerial visitor, and making such other observations and calculations as its appearance and short stay within our view will admit of.

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