Hannah Hilditch


TAKES this opportunity to inform her friends and the public that she has lately received a very general assortment of

Dry Goods & Groceries.


A quantity of PRIME COTTON, &C. &C.

Which she offers for sale on reasonable terms for cash.

She wishes all those who stand indebted to their estate of Mr. SAMUEL HILDITCH, deceased, by notes or book accompts, to come forward and settle the same without any farther trouble or expenses - - - also, any person having any demands against the estate, to bring forward their accompts legally authenticated for settlement.

Columbia, April 26, 1811

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How to cite this article:  “Hannah Hilditch,” Western Spy (Cincinnati, Ohio) 4 May 1811, p. 3, available at http://history.hanover.edu/texts/1811.

Note: An executrix is a female individual who is in charge of taking care of the provisions that were put on a will before the death of a testator (in this case, Samuel Hilditch is the testator). Hannah was responsible for carrying out all of his wishes that were mentioned in the will that was created before Samuel's death. Also, since Samuel died, Hannah is now in charge of all the disbursement of an estate's assets.  Source:     "Dictionary." Investopedia. http://www.investopedia.com/terms/e/executrix.asp#axzz1fEkC30af (accessed 30 Nov. 2011).

[Transcription and note by Nathan Harless, HC 2015].