“Madison Town Lots”


Will be exposed to sale, on Monday the 18th of February, 1811, a great number of lots in the town of MADISON, one half the purchase money to be paid in one year after the day of sale, and the other half in three years. Madison is established as the county seat in and for the county of Jefferson, Indiana territory, and is beautifully situated on the bank of the Ohio river, 15 miles below the mouth of Kentucky, and is one of the most healthy and elegant situations on the bank of said river, and near the centre of the most fertile county in said territory; its centric situation is occasioned by being situated on the extreme of a very extensive north bend in said river. MADISON will be one of the best stands in the western country, for Mechanics of all descriptions, Merchants, and Gentlemen of Professional characters, DOCTORS only excepted. Due attendance will be given by PAUL, DAVIS & LYON.

January 18, 1811.

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