Five Dollars Reward


Strayed from the subscribers living in Cincinnati, on the 16th inst. two horses, one a chestnut sorrel 4 years old, 15 hands- high, easy gaited, trots, racks and canters, a while spot on the right side of his neck, under the mane, a small lump on his back, occasioned by a saddle, shod all round , shoes with steel toes, no other marks or brands perceivable - - the other a dark bay four year old, about 15 hands high, shod all round, trots and canters , no marks except two large lumps just below the gambrel joint. The above reward will be given for both, or $2 50 cents for either.



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Note:  Jacob Williams was born in 1795 at Pennsylvania.  He was a farmer who lived in Hamilton County in Ohio before his retirement.  He paid the Western Spy newspaper company in Cincinnati, Ohio, to write to the public about  a five dollar reward  received by any one who finds his two horses.  He was married with eleven children.  After retirement, he lived with his youngest daughter, named Nancy Carmany, who was married to M. Carmany with six children. They all lived in Champaign County in Ohio. M. Carmany was a farmer. 

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Transcription and note by Christol Okeke, HC 2015.