The Hanover Historical Review

Volume 10, Spring 2009

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Excerpt from "Irish Neutrality in World War II" by Matthew D. Sweeney

"Don't Tread on U.S." by Zachary E. Caress


Foreword and Brief Biography, by William Edward Jenner, Esq. (foreword) and by Jaleh Fazelian and Douglas Denne (biography)

"Let's Put America First" Address, with introduction by Margaret McAdams and letters received by William Jenner regarding the Address

Billions, Blunders, and Baloney, with introduction by Margaret McAdams

Letter from Joseph McCarthy to President Harry S. Truman, with introduction by Kirk Terrell

Letters to Senator William Jenner, 1954, with introductions by Dylan Woods and Sarah Carman

Statement of William Jenner, with introduction by Kirk Terrell

Letters to The Post, with introduction by Lindsay Rosa

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