The Hanover Historical Review

Volume 1

Spring 1993

Table of Contents


Valerie C. Parsons

Board of Editors

Starratt Alexander
James Bednar
Christina Hartlieb
Lisa Obringer
Erec Reichardt
David Shine, Jr.
David J. Voelker

Board of Advisory Editors

Dr. Frank Luttmer
Assistant Professor of History

Dr. Daniel P. Murphy
Assistant Professor of History

Production Manager

Dianne J. Barnes


Coleman Printing Company

The Hanover Historical Review is sponsored by the Hanover College Parent's Association. We gratefully acknowledge their support. This inaugural edition is dedicated to the Parent's Association.

Table of Contents

"Who is Nature's God?" and "Who is Nature's God?" with new (2010) introduction
David J. Voelker

"Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony and the Effects of White Contact on Pueblo Myth and Ritual"
Suzanne M. Austgen

"Friedrich Nietzsche: Another Crucifixion"
David J. Voelker

The Hanover Historical Review Forum

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men

"Agricultural Tenancy in 1930s America"
Kimberly A. Bloomer

"Let Us Now Praise Famous Men: Agee and Evan's Great Experiment"
Suzanne M. Austgen

"The Historical Significance of Let Us Now Praise Famous Men"
Matt Coogle

"Let Us Now Question History"
Margo M. Lambert

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