Daniel Burns

In 2002, Hanover College will celebrate its 175th Anniversary. Additionally, Hanover's faculty, staff, administrators, students, and alumni, led by the Academic Vision Task Force, will continue their conversation in an effort to develop a new long-range vision for Hanover's future. As Hanover uses these occasions to reflect on its past and to anticipate its future, it seemed especially appropriate to the Editors to devote this year's Hanover Historical Review to the publication of documents that reflect an effort on the part of the various faculty and administrators throughout Hanover's history to articulate a vision for the College. I sincerely hope that this year's publication will be useful to the entire campus during the next year as it seeks to learn more about its past and to articulate a vision for its future.

Additionally, on behalf of the entire Editorial Board I would like to express our thanks to Judith Nagata, Duggan Library Reference Librarian, for her guidance and assistance, without which this edition of the Hanover Historical Review would not have been possible.

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