Historical Addresses at Hanover College

The following are a sampling of speeches that have been delivered on the Hanover College campus from the nineteenth to twenty-first centuries.

Austin, Robert W., “The Threshold of Boredom,” 1964

Blythe, James, Inaugural Address, 1833

Bruce, Frances Barnes, graduation speech, 1945

Bobb, Jessie Ruth, senior chapel talk, 1945

Crowe, John Finley, “Address to Literary Societies,” 1857

Crowe, John Finley, “Colonization Society Address,” 1845

Hale, J. Joseph, Jr., commencement address, 2014

Hassler, Jean Elizabeth, valedictory address, 1945

Holliday, John, “Conservatists,” 1863

Horner, John, "Will Hanover College Be Here in 1985?" 1975

Jakoubek, Jane T., Fall Convocation Address, 1999

Kinmont, Alexander, “Discourse Delivered Before the Union Literary Society of South-Hanover College,” 1836

Lambert, Lake, III, Inaugural Address, 2015

Lambert, Lake, III, "Sojourning for Truth," 2018

Luttmer, Frank, “The Devil, History, and Studia Humanitatis,” 1999

MacMaster, Erasmus, “A Discourse,” 1838

McAuley, Duncan, “An Address,” 1838

Nichols, Russell L., Fall Convocation Address, 2001

Pence, Mike, commencement address, 2008

Reisser,  Jan-Niklas, commencement address, 2014

Scovel, Sylvester, Inaugural Address, 1847