History 111
Foundations of the Modern Age
Fall Semester 1996

Second Exam
Study Questions

1. Write an essay that analyzes the origins, stages, and consequences of the French Revolution (including the Napoleonic Era).

2. Analyze the arguments of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels in The Communist Manifesto. You should include a consideration of their assumptions about historical change (dialectical materialism), the origins and historical role of the bourgeoisie, the origins of the proletariat revolution, and the differences between the new revolutionary society and the old bourgeois society.

3. Write an essay that analyzes the theory and practice of Liberalism, Conservatism, and Nationalism in Europe from 1815 to 1871, giving consideration to the successes and failures of each of these ideologies.

4. Write an essay that analyzes the historical development of the United States from 1776 to 1871, comparing it to the historical development of Europe in the same era.

5. Write an essay that compares the economic and political developments of Europe (focusing on Britain, France, and Germany) and the United States during the "Industrial Age" (1870-1914). You should include a consideration of economic developments, new roles of government, and new or revised political ideologies.

6. How did Europe change the history of the Africa, Middle East, India, and East Asia between 1800 and 1914?

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