Medieval Music
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Context and Genres

Sacred Music

Secular Music


1. Anonymous (11th cent.), Kyrie Eleison (Voices of Ascension, From Chant to Renaissance #8)
2. Anonymous (13th cent.), Kyrie Eleison (Anonymous Four, An English Ladymass #5)
3. Peter Abelard (12th cent.), O quanto qualia (Theatre of Voices, Monastic Song #1)
4. Hildegard von Bingen (11th cent.) Nunc aperuit nobis (Sequentia, Canticles of Ecstasy, #2)
5. Hildegard von Bingen (11th cent.) Quia ergo femina mortem instruxit (Sequentia, Canticles of Ecstasy, #3)
6. Arnaut Daniel (12th cent.), Lo ferm voler qu'el cor m'intra (Sequentia, Dante and the Troubadours #2)
7. Anonymous (13th cent.), Dance -- Penser ne doit vilenie (Sonus Chanterai, Music of Medieval France #1)


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