Dead Sea Scrolls
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The Book of Secrets

1Q,4Q299-301 4Q301 F.1
(...) I shall speak out freely, and I shall express my various sayings among you (...) (.. those who would understand parables and riddles, and those who would penetrate the origins of knowledge, along with those who hold fast to the wonderful mysteries ...) (...) those who walk in simplicity as well as those who are devious in every activity of the deeds of humanity ...) those with a stiff neck, a hard pate, and all the mass of the Gentiles, with (...)

4Q301 F.2
the customs of the fool and the inheritance of the wise (...) Now what good is the riddle to you, you who search for the origins of knowledge? Why is the heart honored, for it is the dominion (...) a parable? Why is it splendid to you, for it is (...) Why is a prince (...) ruler? (...) without strenght, and he dominates him with a whip that cost nothing. Who could say (...) who among you seeks the prescense of Light and Illumination (...) the plan of memory without (...) (...) by the angels of (...) (...) those who praise (...)

4Q300 F.3
so that they would know the difference between good and evil .....) 1Q27 col.1 secrets of sin (...) but they did not know the secret of the way things are nor did they understand the things of old and they did not know what would come upon them, so they did not rescue themselves without the secret of the way things are. This shall be the sign that this shall come to pass : when the sources of evil are shut up and wickedness is banished in the prescense of righteousness, as darkness in the prescense of light, or as smoke vanishes and is no more, in the same way wickedness will vanish forever and righteousness will be manifest like the sun. The world will be made firm and all the adherents of the secrets of sin shall be no more. True knowledge shall fill the world and there will never be any more folly. This is all ready to happen, it is a true oracle, and by this it shall be known to you that it cannot be averted. It is true that all the peoples reject evil, yet it advances in all of them. It is true that truth is esteemed in the utterances of all the nations - yet is there any tongue or language that grasp it? What nation wants to be oppressed by another that is stronger? Or who wants his money to be stolen by a wicked man? Yet what nation is there that has not oppressed its neighbour? Where is the people that has not robbed the wealth of another ...

4q299 F.2 (+4Q300 F.5) Col.2
what should we call a man who ... his) deeds (...) but every deed of the righteous has been judged impure. And what shall we call man who (... call no one on earth) wise or righteous, for it is not a human possession (...) and not (...) (...wisdom is hidden) except for the wisdom of cunning evil, and the schemes of Belial ...) a thing that ought never to be done again, except (...) the command of his Maker ; and what shall a man do and live? ... he who) has violated the command of his Maker shall have his name erased from the mouth of all (...) (...) So listen, you who hold fast to the wonderful secrets ...) of eternity , and the plots behind every did, and the purpouse of .... He knows) every secret and stands behind very thought. He does every (... the Lord of all) is He, from long ago He established it, and forever (...) (...) the purpouse of the origins he opened up to (...) (...) for he tests His son, and gives as an inheritance (...) (...) every secret, and he limits of every deed; and what (...) (...) the Gentiles, for He created them and their deeds (...)

4Q300 F.1 Col.2
Consider the soothsayers, those teachers of sin. Say the parable, declare the riddle before we speak ; then you will know if you have understood. (...) your foolishness, for the vision is sealed up from you, and you have not properly understood the eternal mysteries and you have not become wise in understanding (...) (...) for you have not properly understood the origin of Wisdom; but if you should unseal the vision (...) (...) all your wisdom, for to you (...) Hear now what wisdom is.

4Q299 F.5
(...light)s of the stars for a memorial of His name ...)(...hidden) things of the mysteries of Light and the ways of Darkness (...) (...) the times of heat with the periods (of cold....) (... the breaking of day) and the coming of night (...) (...) the origins of things (...).

4Q299 F.8
(...) How can a man understand without knowledge or hearing? (...) (...) He created insight for His children, by much wisdom He uncovered our ears tat we may h(ear...) (...) He created insight for all those who pursue true knowledge and (...) (...) all wisdom is from eternity; it may not be changed (...) (...) He locked up behind the waters , so that not (...) (...) the heaven above heaven (...)

4Q301 F.3
(...) and He is welll known for His patience, and might in His great anger, and splendid (...) He in His numerous acts of mercy, and terrible in His wrathful purpouses, and honoured (...) (...) and over the land He made him a ruler, and God is honoured among His Holy people, and splendid among His chosen, yes , splendid (...) holy, great in the blessing of (...) (...) their splendour and (...) when the Era of Wickedness is at an end , and evil doing (...)

The Coming of Melchizedek

11Q13 Col.2
(...) And concerning what Scripture says, "In this year of Jubilee you shall return, everyone f you, to your property" (Lev. 25;13) And what is also written; "And this is the manner of the remission; every creditor shall remit the claim that is held against a neighbor, not exacting it of a neighbor who is a member of the community, because God`s remission has been proclaimed" (Deut.15;2) the interpretation is that it applies to the Last Days and concerns the captives, just as Isaiah said: "To proclaim the Jubilee to the captives" (Isa. 61;1) (...) just as (...) and from the inheritance of Melchizedek, for (... Melchizedek) , who will return them to what is rightfully theirs. He will proclaim to them the Jubilee, thereby releasing them from the debt of all their sins. He shall proclaim this decree in the first week of the jubilee period that follows nine jubilee periods. Then the "Day of Atonement" shall follow after the tenth jubilee period, when he shall atone for all the Sons of Light, and the people who are predestined to Melchizedek. (...) upon them (...) For this is the time decreed for the "Year of Melchizedek`s favour", and by his might he will judge God`s holy ones and so establish a righteous kingdom, as it is written about him in the Songs of David ; "A godlike being has taken his place in the council of God; in the midst of divine beings he holds judgement" (ps. 82;1). Scripture also says about him ; "Over it take your seat in the highest heaven; A divine being will judge the peoples" (Ps. 7;7-8) Concerning what scripture says ; " How long will you judge unjustly , and show partiality with the wicked? Selah" (Ps. 82;2) ,the interpretation applies to Belial and the spirits predestined to him, because all of them have rebelled, turning from God`s precepts and so becoming utterly wicked. Therefore Melchizedek will thoroughly prosecute the vengenance required by God`s statutes. Also, he will deliver all the captives from the power of Belial, and from the power of all the spirits destined to him. Allied with him will be all the "righteous divine beings"(Isa. 61;3). (The ...) is that whi(ch ...all) the divine beings. The visitation is the Day of Salvation that He has decreed through Isaiah the prophet concerning all the captives, inasmuch as Scripture says, "How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of the messenger who announces peace, who brings good news, who announces salvation, who says to Zion "Your divine being reigns"." (Isa. 52;7) This scriptures interpretation : "the mountains" are the prophets, they who were sent to proclaim God`s truth and to prophesy to all Israel. "The messengers" is the Anointed of the spirit, of whom Daniel spoke; "After the sixty-two weeks, an Anointed shall be cut off" (Dan. 9;26) The "messenger who brings good news, who announces Salvation" is the one of whom it is written; "to proclaim the year of the LORD`s favour , the day of the vengeance of our God; to comfort all who mourn" (Isa. 61;2) This scripture`s interpretation: he is to instruct them about all the periods of history for eternity (... and in the statutes) of the truth. (...) (.... dominion) that passes from Belial and returns to the Sons of Light (....) (...) by the judgment of God, just as t is written concerning him; "who says to Zion "Your divine being reigns" (Isa. 52;7) "Zion" is the congregation of all the sons of righteousness, who uphold the covenant and turn from walking in the way of the people. "Your divine being" is Melchizedek, who will deliver them from the power of Belial. Concerning what scripture says, "Then you shall have the trumpet sounded loud; in the seventh month . . . " (Lev. 25;9)

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