The Case of Mary Warren
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(Examination of Mary Warren, April 19, 1692)

   The Examination of Mary Warren At a Court held at Salem Village by

   John Hauthorne Esq'rs

   Jonath: Corwin Esq'rs

   As soon as she was coming towards the Bar the afflicted fell into fits.

   Mary Warren, You stand here charged with sundry acts of Witchcraft, what do you say for your selfe, are you guilty, or not?

   I am inocent.

   Hath she hurt you (speaking to the sufferers) some were Dumb.

   Betty Hubbard testifyed ag'st her, & then said Hubbard fell into a violent fit.

   You were a little while ago an Afflicted person, now you are an Afflicter: How comes this to pass?

   I looke up to God, & take it to be a great Mercy of God.

   What do you take it to be a great mercy to afflict others?

   Betty Hubbard testifyed that a little after this Mary was well, she the said Mary, said that the afflicted persons did but dissemble.

   Now they were all but John Indian grievously afflicted, & Mrs Pope also, who was not afflicted before hitherto this day: & after a few moments John Indian fell into a violent fit also.

   Well here was one just now that was a Tormentor in her apparition & she owns that she had made a league with the Devil.

   Now Mary Warren fell into a fit, & some of the afflicted cryed out that she was going to confess, but Goody Korey, & Procter, & his wife came in, in their apparition, & struck her down, & said she should tell nothing.

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   Mary Warren continued a good space in a fit, that she did neither see, nor hear, nor speak.

   Afterwards she started up, & said I will speak & cryed out, Oh! I am sorry for it, I am sorry for it, & wringed her hands, & fell a little while into a fit again & then came to speak, but immediately her Teeth were set, & then she fell into a voilet fit, & cryed out, Oh Lord help me, Oh good Lord save me!

   And then afterwards cryed again, I will tell, I will tell, & then fell into a dead fit againe.

   And afterwards cryed, I will tell, they did, they did, they did, & then fell into a violent fit again.

   After a little recovery she cryed I will tell, I will tell, they brought me me to it; & then fell into a fit again: which fits continuing, she was ordered to be had out, & the next to be brought in, viz: Bridget Byshop

   Some time afterwards she was called in again, but immediately taken with fits, for a while.

   Have you signed the Devils book?


   Have you not touch it?


   Then she fell into fits againe, & was sent forth for air.

   After a considerable space of time she was brought in again, but could [not] give account of things, by reason of fits, & so sent forth.

   Mary Warren called in, afterwards in private, before magistrates & Ministers.

   She said, I shall not speak a word: but I will speak Satan -- She saith she will kill me: Oh! `she saith, she owes me a spite, & will claw me off --

   Avoid Satan, for the name of God avoid And then fell into fits again: & cryed will ye I will prevent ye in the Name of God, --

   Tell us, how far have you yeilded?

   A fit interrupts her again.

   What did they say you should do, & you should be well?

   Then her lips were bit so that she could not speak. so she was sent away

    Note That not one of the sufferers was afflicted during her examination after once she began to confess, thom they were tormented before.

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   Salem Village Aprill 19'th 1692.

   Mr Samuell parris being desired to take in wrighting the Examination of Mary Warren hath delivered it as aforesaid And upon hearing the same and seeing what wee did then see; togather with the Charge of the afflicted persons then present. Wee Committed said Mary Warren

   *John Hathorne Assis'ts

   *Jonathan. Corwin Assis'ts

   (Reverse) (3) The examncon of Mary Warren 19. Apr. 1692

    ( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 29 )

(Examination of Mary Warren in Prison)

    Mary Warrens Examination in Salem Prison

   She Testifys that Her master Proctor was always very averse to the putting up Bills for publick prayer.

   Qu: Did you not know it was the Devils book when you Signed?

   A: No. But I thought it was no good book.

   Q: after you had a Mark in the Book what did you think then?

   A: Then I thought it was the Devil's book.

   Q. How did you come to know your Master and Mistriss were Witches?

   A. The Sabbath Eve after I had put up my note for thanks in publick, my Mistris appeared to me, and puld mee out of the Bed, and told mee that Shee was a witch, and had put her hand to the Book, She told me this in her Bodily person, and that This Examination might have known she was a Witch, if She had but minded what Books she read in.

   Q. What did she say to you before you tormented the Children?

   A. The night after she told me she was a Witch, she in pson told mee this Examinant, that my self and her Son John would quickly be brought out for witches.

   This Examinant saith that Giles Cory in apparition told her, the night before that the Magistrates were going up to the farms, to bring down more witches to torment her. Moreover being in a dreadful fit page 796 in the prison she Charged it on Giles Cory, who was then in Close prison, affirming that he came into the Room where she was, and afflicting her, Charged her not to Come into the Other Room while he was Examining, But being sent for and he Commanded to look upon her, He no sooner turned his face to her but shee fel into a dreadful fit again, and upon her Recovery Charged him to his face with being the procurer of it. Moreover the said Cory in prison formerly threatened her that he would fitt her for itt, because he told her she had Caused her Master to ask more for a peice of Meadow than he was willing to give she likewise in her fitt in the Other Room before she had seen Giles Cory in person, Charging him with afflicting off her, described him in all his garments, both of hat Coat and Colour of them, with a Cord about his wast, and a white Cap on his head and in Chains, as severall then in Company Can affirm.

    ( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 30 )

(Examination of Mary Warren, April 21, 1692)

    Mary Warins examination of April 21: 1692

   Being Asked by the Hon'd Majestrates: whether the bible that then was Showed her: was the book: that was brought: to her to touch: & that she saw the flurrish in answered no: she see she was decieved

   being asked whether she had not told Mercy Lewis that she had signed to a book: Answered no

   she was Asked: whether her: Mistris had brought a book to her to sign Answerd her mistris brought none. but her Master brought one being Asked whether she signed to it: answered: not unless putting her finger to it was signing.

   being Asked whether she did not se a spot where she had put her finger Answerd there was a spot:

   she was Asked what couller the spot was: Answered black

   she was Asked whether. her Mast'r did not thretten her to run the hot tongs downe her throat if she did not sign Answered that her M'r threttned her to burn her out of her fitt

   being Asked whether she had made a mark in the book Answered she made no mark but with her top of her finger

page 797

   she was asked what she dipt her finger in when it made the mark: Answered: in nothing: but her mouth

   she was Asked whether her finger was wett when she touched the book w'h it Answered she knew not that it was wett: or whether it was wett w'h sweat or with sider: that she had bin drinking of she knew not: but her finger did make a mark and the mark was black

   she was asked whether any but her M'r and Mr's was with her: when she was threttoned with the hott tonges: answerd none but them

   She s'd her Mast'r put her hand to the book and her finger made a black spott which made her tremble: then she s'd she was undon body and soul and cryed out greivously. she was told that it was he[r] own Vollantary act: she would have denyed it: but she was told the devil could have done nothing: if she had not yeilded and that she for eas to her body: not for any good of her sould: had done it with this she much greived and cryed out: she s'd her Mast'r & mistris thretned to drown her: & to mak her run through the hedges

   She was Asked whether she had not seen her Mast'r & mistris since she came to prison answered she thought she saw her Maste' and dare say: it was he: she was Asked wh[h] at he sayd to her: answerd nothing

   after a fitt she cryed out I will tell: I will tell: thou wicked Creature it is you stopt my mouth: but I will confess the little that I have to confess being asked: who she would tell off whether goodwife proctor or no::answered O Betty procter it is she: it is she I lived with last

   she then cryed out it shall be known: thou wrech; hast thou undone me body and soul she said also she wishes she had made me mak: a through league

   she was again Asked what her finger was blacked with when she toucht the book

   Answered she knew not that her finger was black: till she se it black: the book and after she had put her finger to the book: she eat: bread and butter and her finger blacked the bred and butter also

   being asked what her mistris now said to her: when she complaind of her mistris she s'd her mistris bid her not tell that her mistris was a wich

   Coming out of another fit s'd she would tell she would tell: she s'd her Mast'r now bid her not tell: that he: had some times gone: to make away with himselfe for her Master had told her that he had bin page 798 about sometimes to make away with him self becaus of his wives quarrilling with him

   being Asked how she knew: goodwife procter was a wich she coming out of a fit s'd she would: tell she would tell: and she s'd her mistris procter s'd she might know she was a wich if she herkend to what she used to read she sayd her Mistris had many books and her mistris carried one book with her to Reddin when she went to see her sister.

   being Asked whether she knew her Mistris to be a wich before she touched the book, and how she knew it: she s'd her mistris told her she had set her hand to the devils book that same night: that: I was thrown out of bed: s'd she: which was the same night after she had a note: of thanksgiving: put up at the meeting house

   she s'd her mistris came to her: her body: not her shape as far as she knew she afirmd: her mistris was a wich

   being Asked whether: she had seen any of the wiches: since she came to prison: s'd she had seen goodman Cory: & Sara Good: they brought the book to her to sign

   but she would not own that she knew her master to be a wich or wizzard being asked whether she did not know her finger would make a mark if she touched the book with it: she answerd no: but her master and mistris asked her to read:and she s'd the first word she read was moses: the next word she could not tell what it was but her M'r and Mistris bid her: if she could not pronownce the word she should touch the book

   being asked why she would not tell the wholle truth: she s'd she had formerly not told all the truth. becaus she was thretned to be torn in peices: if she did but now she would and had told the truth

   being Asked whether she did not suspect it was the devils book that she touched answerd she did not suspect it before: she se: her finger blacked it

   she was Asked why: she yeilded to do as she did: answered that her master s'd if she would not: when she was in her fit she should run: into the fire or: water if he would and destroy her selfe

   being Asked whether she had not bin instrumentall to afflict the afflicted parsons Answerd no but when she heard: they were aflicted in her shape: she began to fear it was the devil [that hurt in her shape]

   being Asked whether she had immages to stick pins or thorns into to hurt people with: answerd no:

page 799

   she was asked whether the devil never asked her consent: to: hurt in her shape answerd no: she had heard her master and mistris tell of images and of sticking of thorns in them: to hurt people with

   she was asked: whether she knew of any Immages in the hous: sayd no

   being asked if she knew of any oyntment they had in the hous she s'd her M'rs oynted her once:for some ayll she had: but it was with oyntment that came from Mrs Bassits of Linn the coullour of it was greenish

   she was asked how it smelt: sayd very ugly to her

   she s'd when: she toucht the book she went to put her finger to another line but still her finger went to the same place: where her finger had black't

   Mr Noys told her she had then touched the book twice: and asked her whether she did not suspect it to be the devils book before she toucht it the second time: she s'd she feare it was no good book: being asked what she ment by no good book: she s'd a book to deceiv

   (On Reverse) Mary Warens Examination

    ( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 30 )

(Examination of Mary Warren, May 12, 1692)

    Mary Warrens Examination May 12'th 1692

   Q. Whether you did not know that itt was the Devills book when you signed?

   A I did nott know itt then but I know itt now, to be sure itt was the Devills book, in the first place to be sure I did sett my hand to the Devills book; I have considered of itt, since you were here last & itt was the Devills book that my Master procter brought to me, & he tould me if I would sett my hand to that book I should be well; & I did sett my hand to itt, butt that w'ch I did itt was done w'th my finger, he brought the Book & he tould me if I would take the book & touch itt that I should be well & I thought then that itt was the Devills book.

page 800

   Q. Was there nott your consent to hurt the children, when you were hurt?

   A. Noe sir, but when I was afflicted my master Procter was in the Roome & said if ye are Afflicted I wish ye were more Afflicted & you and all: I said Master, w't make you say soe he Answered because you goe to bring out Innocent persons. I tould him that could nott bee & whether the Devill took advantage att that I know not to afflict them and one Night talking about them I said I did nott care though ye were tormented if ye charged mee:

   Q. Did you ever see any poppetts?

   An. yes once I saw one made of cloth in Mistris procters hand.

   Q. whoe was itt like or w'ch of the Children was itt for?

   An. I cannot tell, whether for Ann putnam or Abigail Williams, for one of them itt was I am sure, itt was in my mistri's hand.

   Q. What did you stick into the poppitt?

   An. I did stick in a pin about the Neck of itt as itt was in proctors hand.

   Q. How many more did you see afterwards?

   An. I doe nott remember that ever I saw any more. yes I remember one and that Goody parker brought a poppitt unto me of Mercy. Lewis & she gave me another & I stook itt some where about the wasts; & she appeared once more to me in the prison, & she said to me what are you gott here? & she tould me that she was comeing here hirself. I had another person that appeared to me, itt was Goody. Pudeator & said she was sorry to se me there, itt was in apparition & she brought me a poppitt, itt was like to Mary Walcott & itt was a peice of stick that she brought me to stick into itt & somewhare about hir armes I stook itt in.

   Q. Where did she bring itt to you?

   An. up att procters. Goody parker tould me she had bin a Witch these. 12 years & more; & pudeator tould me that she had done damage, & tould me that she had hurt James Coyes child takeing itt out of the mothers hand.

   A. whoe brought the last to you? --

   An. my mistris & when she brought itt, she brought itt in hir owne person & hir husband w'th his owne hands brought me the Book to Sighne, & he brought me an Image w'ch looked yellow & I beleive itt was for Abigall Williams being like hir & I putt a thing like a thorne into itt, this was done by his bodily person after I had sighned the page 801 night after I had sighned the book: while she was thus confessiong parker appeared & bitt her extreamly on hir armes as she affirmed unto us.

   Q. Whoe have you sene more?

   An. Nurse & Cloys and Goods Child after I had sighned.

   Q. What sayd [th'y] to you?

   An. They sayd that I should never Tell of them nor anything about them, & I have seen Goody Good hirself.

   Q. Was that true of Giles Cory that you saw him & that he Afflicted you the other day?

   An. yes I have sene him often & he hurts me very much & Goody Oliver hath appeared to me & Afflicted me & brought the Book to tempt mee, & I have seen Goody Cory. the first night I was taken, I saw as I thought the Apparition of Goody Cory & catched att itt as I thought & caught my master in my lap tho I did nott see my master in that place att that time, upon w'ch my master said itt is noe body but I itt is my shaddow that you see, but my master was nott before mee as I could descerne, but Catching att the Apparition that looked like Goody Cory I caught hold of my master & pulled him downe into my Lap; upon w'ch he said I see ther is noe heed to any of your talkings, for you are all possest with the Devill for itt is nothing butt my shape, I have sene Goody Cory att my masters house in person, and she tould mee that I should be condemned for a Witch as well as she hirself, itt was att my masters house, & she said that the children would cry out & bring out all.

   Q. was this before you had signned?

   An. yes, before I had any fitts.

   Q. Now tell the truth about the Moutebank what writeing was that?

   An. I don't know. I asked hir what itt was about but she would not tell mee saying she had promised nott to Lett any body see itt.

   Q. Well, but whoe did you see more?

   An. I don't know any more.

   Q. how long hath your Mast'r & Mistris bin Witches?

   An. I don't know, they never tould me.

   Q. What likeness or appearance have you had to bew'ch you?

   An. they never gave me any thing. while I was reading this over upon the comeing in of mr Higginson & mr Hale as soon as I read the name parker, she imediately fell into dreadfull fitts as she affirmed page 802 after hir fitt was over by the appearance of Goody parker, & mr Hathorne presently but Naming Goody pudeator she alsoe appeared & tormented hir very much. and Goody parker in the time of hir examination in one of Warrens fitts tould this examinant that she had bewitched the examinants sister & was the cause of hir dumbness as alsoe that she had lately killed a man aboard a vessell & tould me that his name was Michaell Chapleman aboard the vessell in the harbour after they ware come to Anchor & that he dyed with a paine in his side & that she had done itt by striking something into his side & that she had strook this examinants sister dumb that she should never speak more. and Goody pudeater att the same tyme appeared & tould this examinant that she had throwne John Turner off of a chery tree & almost killed him & Goody parker s'd that she had cast away Capt prices ketch Thomas Westgate master, & Venus Colefox in itt & presently tould her that Jno Lapshorne was lost in itt and that they were foundred in the sea and she saith that Goody pudeator tould hir that she went up to mr Corwins house to bewitch his mare that he should nott goe up to the farmes to examine the witches, also mr Burroughs appearing at the same tyme and Afflicting her tould hir that he went to tye mr Hathornes horses leggs when he went last to Boston & that he tryed to bewitch him `tho he could not his horse. Goody pudeator tould hir that she killed hir husband by giving him something whereby he fell sick and dyed, itt was she tould hir about 7 or 10 years since and Goody parker tould her that she was Instrumentall to drowne Orne's son in the harbour also shee s'd she did bewitch Jno Searles's boy to death as his master was carrying him out to sea soe that he was forced to bring him back againe, alsoe Burroughs tould her that he killed his wife off of Cape Ann parker tould hir alsoe that Margarett Jacobs was a wittness against hir and did charge hir yesterday upon hir (that is Jacobs's) examination.

    ( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 31 )

(Edward Bishop, Sarah Bishop, and Mary Eastey v. Mary Warren)

    Edward Bisshop Aiged Aboute 44: Yeares Sarah Bisshop Aiged Aboute 41: yeares And Mary Eastey Aiged Aboute 56: Yeares all Testifie and Say that ABoute three weekes Agoe to day when wee page 803 was In Salem Goale then and There wee Heard Mary Warrin Severall times Say that the Majestrates Might as well Examine Keysars Daughter that has Bin Distracted Many Yeares And Take Noatice of what Shee Said: as well as any of the Afflicted pe'sons for Said Mary warrin when I was Aflicted I thought I saw the Apparission of A hundred persons: for Shee said hir Head was Distempered that Shee Could not tell what Shee Said, And the Said Mary tould us that when Shee was well Againe Shee Could not Say that Shee saw any of Apparissons at the time Aforesaid --

   (On reverse) Sarah Bishop Mary Eastey depno as to Mary Warrin

    ( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 32 )

(Mary English v. Mary Warren)

    . June 1692 Mary English Aged about 39 years. Testifyeth that about-a Month agoe at Salem-That I heard the Said Mary Warrine to Spake-the Same words (as is-Testifyed too-by Edward Bishop-Sarah Bishop-And Mary-Easty) that She Said that-the Majestrats-might as well-Examen Keysers-Daughter-that had bene Distracted many-years And take Notice of what She Said as well as any of the Eflicted persons -- &c

   as witness my hand --

   (On reverse) *Mary English

   Mary English Mary Waren

    ( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 32 )

(Elizabeth Booth v. Mary Warren and Daniel Andrew)

   Salem May the 18'th 1692

   Elizabeth Booth aged 18 years or thereabouts, Testifieth and saith that the three first fitts she had, she saw nothing: but afterwards in her fitts this Deponent saw Daniell Andross who told her though Mary Warren could nott hurt her the night before now he would: and page 804 withall Brought: a Book and bid this deponent sett her hand to it: but the night before as she Lay in her Bed Mary Warring went to her bed side and brought a little Baby to this Deponent and told her that she might sett her hand to the Book. and not know of it: but this Deponent told the said Andross she would not: then he told the said Deponent that he would Afflicted Still since this Deponent hath been afflicted severall times by the said Andross: & others that she knows not.

   (On reverse) Eliz Booth against Daniell Andrew

    ( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 32 )

(Elizabeth Hubbard v. Mary Warren)

   mary waring brought the book to eliSibath houbard and would have Sat hur hand to the book which She brought unto hur and She said i wont i wont i wont a if you Sat your hand to the book you Shall be well for i did So and i am well and i told hir i would not then she told me i Should never be well then i told hur i would not if i am never well o you wicked rech mary waring why will you do So

    ( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 32 )

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