Salem Witch Trials
The Case of Sarah Good
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(Warrant v. Sarah Good)

   Salem 16910229 feb'y the 29th 1691/2

   Whereas Mrs Joseph Hutcheson Thomas putnam Edward putnam and Thomas preston Yeomen of Salem Village in the County of Essex personally appeared before us, and made Complaint on Behalfe of theire Majests against Sarah Good the wife of William Good of Salem Village aboves'd for suspition of Witchcraft by her Committed, and thereby much Injury donne to Eliz parris, Abigail Williams Anna putnam and Elizabeth Hubert all of Salem Village afores'd Sundry times within this two moneths and Lately also don, at Salem Village Contrary to the peace of our Sover'n L'd and Lady W'm & mary King & Queen of Engld &c -- You are therefore in theire Majesties names hereby required to apprehe'd & bring before us the said Sarah Good, to morrow aboute ten of the clock in the forenoon at the house of L't Nathaniell Ingersalls in Salem Village.or as soon as may be then & there to be Examined Relateing to the aboves'd premises and hereof you are not to faile at your perile Dated Salem, febr 29th 1691/2

   *John Hathorne Assists.

   *Jonathan.Corwin Assists.

   To Constable George Locker

   (O. R.)

(Officer's Return)

   I brought the person of Saragh Good the wife of william Good according to the tenor of the within warrant as is Attest by me 16910301 1.March. 1691/2

   *George Locker Constable

    ( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 2 )

(Examination of Sarah Good)

   The examination of Sarah Good before the worshipfull Assts John Harthorn Jonathan Curren

   (H.) Sarah Good what evil spirit have you familiarity with

   (S G) none

   (H) have you made no contract with the devil,

   (g) good answered no

   (H) why doe you hurt these children

   (g) I doe not hurt them. I scorn it.

   (H) who doe you imploy then to doe it

   (g) I imploy no body,

   (H) what creature do you imploy then,

   (g) no creature but I am falsely accused

   (H) why did you go away muttering from mr Parris his house

   (g) I did not mutter but I thanked him for what he gave my child

   (H) have you made no contract with the devil

   (g) no

   (H) desired the children all of them to look upon her, and see, if this were the person that had hurt them and so they all did looke upon her and said this was one of the persons that did torment them -- presently they were all tormented.

   (H) Sarah good doe you not see now what you have done why doe you not tell us the truth, why doe you thus torment these poor children

   (g) I doe not torment them,

   H who do you imploy then

   (g) I imploy nobody I scorn it

   (H) how came they thus tormented,

   (g) what doe I know you bring others here and now you charge me with it

   (H) why who was it.

   (g) I doe not know but it was some you brought into the meeting house with you

   (H) wee brought you into the meeting house

   (g) but you brought in two more

   (H) Who was it then that tormented the children

   (g) it was osburn

   (H) what is it that you say when you goe muttering away from persons houses

   (g) if I must tell I will tell

   (H) doe tell us then

   (g) if I must tell I will tell, it is the commandments I may say my commandments I hope

   (H) what commandment is it

   (g) if I must tell you I will tell, it is a psalm

   (H) what psalm

   (g) after a long time shee muttered over some part of a psalm

   (H) who doe you serve

   (g) I serve god

   (H) what god doe you serve

   (g) the god that made heaven and earth though shee was not willing to mention the word God her answers were in a very wicked, spitfull manner reflecting and retorting aganst the authority with base and abusive words and many lies shee was taken was here said that her housband had said that he was afraid that shee either was a witch or would be one very quickly the worsh mr Harthon asked him his reason why he said so of her whether he had ever seen any thing by her he answered no not in this nature but it was her bad carriage to him and indeed said he I may say with tears that shee is an enimy to all good.

   (Salem Village March the 1t 1691/2

Written by Ezekiell Chevers
Salem Village March the 1t 1691/2)
( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 6 )

(Examination of Sarah Good)

   Salem Village 16910301 March the 1t. 1691/2

   Sarah Good the wife of Wm Good of Salem Village Labourer Brought before us:by George Locker Constable in Salem, to Answer Joseph Hutcheson Thomas putnam &c of Salem Village yeomen (Complainants on behalfe of theire Majesties) against s'd Sarah Good for suspition of Witchcraft by her Committed and thereby much Injury don to the Bodys of Elizabeth parris Abigaile Williams Anna putnam & Elizabeth Hubert all of Salem Village afore'd according to theire Complaints as p'r warrants.

   Dated Salem March 29th, 1691/2

   Sarah Good upon Examination denyed the matter of fact (viz) that she ever used any witchcraft; or hurt the abovesaid Children or any of them,

   The above named Children being all present positively accused her of hurting of them Sundry times within this two moneths and also that morneing

   Sarah Good denyed that she had been:at theire houses in s'd tyme, neere them, or had don them any hurt all the abovesaid children then presente accused her face to face, upon which they ware all dredfully tortred & tormented for a short space of tyme, and the affliction and torters being over they charged s'd Sarah Good againe that she had then soe tortered them, and came to them and.did itt. althow she was personally then keept at a Considerable distance from them

   Sarah Good being Asked if that she did not then hurt them; who did it, And the children being againe tortered, she looked upon them, And said that it was one of them Wee brought into the house with us, Wee Asked her who it was, shee then Answered and Said it was Sarah Osburne, and Sarah Osburne was then under Custody & not in the house; -- And the children being quickley after recovered out of there fitt sayd. that itt was Sarah Osburne that then did hurt & torment or aflict them -- althow both of them at the same time at adistance or Remote from them personally; -- their ware also sundry other Questions put to her & Answers given thereunto by her. according as is also given in.

&pbar us

John Hathorne Assists.

Jonathan. Corwin Assists.

( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 7 )

(Examinations of Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne, and Tituba)

   What Sarah Good saith

   1 with non 2 shee saith that shee did doe them noe harme 3 shee implyd noe budey to doe the children 4 shee saith that shee hath made no contract nor covenant 5 shee saith that shee never did hurt the children 6 shee saith that she never had familyarity att the Devell 7 shee saith that shee never saw the children in such a condition shee saith that shee came nott to meting for want of cloase who is itt shee usially discorceseth with nobodey: but itt is a psalme or a comandement: her God is the god that made heaven and earth she hops: she saith that shee never did noe harme to mr parr

   she saith itt was nott she itt is gamer osborne that doth pinch and aflicht the children

   william good saith thatt shee is anenemy to all good shee saith shee is cleare of being a wich

   What gamer osborn saith --

   1 shee saith she had noe hand in hurting the children nether by hur self by in strements

   she saith that shee saith that #[shee] was more lickley beewicht then a wich

   shee said shee would never beeleave the devell, the devell did propound to hur that shee should never goe to meting noe more and att that time nothing was suggested to hur elces

   Why did she pinch the young woaman shee never did nor dont know who did

   What the Indyen woman saith

   they have don noe harme to hur shee saith she doth nott know how the dveill works -- Who it it that hurts them the devell frot I know there is fowre that hurts the children 2 of the women are gamer Osburn and gamer Good and they say itt is shee one of the women is atall and short women and they would have hur goe with them to boston and shee oned that shee did itt att first butt [butt] she was sorry for itt: itt was the apearance of a man that came to hur and told hur that she must hurt the Children and she said that 4 times shaps or a hodg or adodge and bid her sarve him she said that shee could nott then she said he would hurt hur shee all soe said that Shee seed a yalow burd that said unto hur sarve me and shee seed 2 catts and they said sarve me she murst more pinch the children

   she saith she sends the catt to bid hur pinch them: and the man brings the maid and bids her pinch hir: and they doe pull hur and make hur goe with them to mr putman to perplex them: and they make hur ride upone apoall and they hould the poll and osband and good all soe rids upon poalls and they the 2 women would have hur cill thomas putmans child The 2 women and the man told hur that if she told to hur master they would cutt of hur heed and yester day tetaby abigall sayd that she say athing with wings and 2 leedgs and vanished into the chape of osborn and the indgen oneth the same: and all soe atends osborn a short and hary thing with 2 ledgs and to Whings all soe tetaby oneth that sary good sent a wolfe to scare the dr maid

Written by Jos putnam
Salem Village March the 1t 1691/2
(O. R. Sheet 1) Ag't Sarah Good

(Note on top O. R. Sheet 1) This paper was found among Files of the Sessions Court of the year 1715 -- and is now entered here --

March 28'th 1871 --

(O. R. Sheet 2) The papers Relateing to Sarah Good Sarah Osburne and Titiba Indian

Salem March 1691/2

( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 4 )

(Samuel Abbey and Mary Abbey v. Sarah Good)

    Samuel Abbey of Salem Villiage Aged 45. Years or thereabouts and Mary Abbey his wife aged 38 years or thereabouts, Deposeth and Saith:

   That about this Time three Years past W'm: Good and his wife Sarah Good being destitute of an house to dwell in these Deponents out of Charity, they being Poor. lett them live in theirs some time, untill that the said Sarah Good was #[of] so Turbulant a Spirritt, [Spirritt,] Spitefull and so Mallitiously bent, that these Deponents could not suffer her to Live in their howse any Longer; and was forced for Quiettness sake to turne she the said Sarah, with her husband, out of their howse, ever since, which is about two years 1/2 agone; the said Sarah Good, hath carried it very Spitefully & Mallitiously, towards them, the winter following after the said Sarah was gone from our house, we began to Loose Cattle, and Lost severall after an unusall Manner, in drupeing Condition and yett they would Eate: and your Deponents have Lost after that manner 17 head of Cattle within two years, besides Sheep, and Hoggs: and both doe beleive they Dyed by witchcraft, the said William good on the last of may, was twelve months, went home to his wife the s'd Sarah Good, and told her, what a sad-Accident had fallen out, she asked what, he answered that his neighbour Abbey had lost two Cowes, both dyeing within halfe an hour of one another; the s'd Sarah good said she did not care if he the said Abbey had Lost all the Cattle he had, as the said Jno. Good told us. Just that very Day, that said Sarah good was taken up, we yor Deponents had a Cow that could not rise alone, but since presently after she was taken up, the said Cow was well and could rise so well, as if she had ailed nothing: she the said Sarah Good: ever since these Deponants turned her out of their howse she hath behaveed her selfe very crossely & Mallitiously, to them & their Children calling their Children vile Names and hath-threetened them often

Jurat in Curia.
(Reverse) Sam.Abbey & wife


Sarah Good

( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 8 )

(Sarah Gadge v. Sarah Good)

   The deposition of Sarah Gadge the wife of Thomas Gadge aged about 40 years this deponent testifieth and saith that about two years & an halfe agone; Sarah Good Came to her house & would have come into the house, but s'd. Sarah Gadge told her she should not come in for she was afraid she had been with them that had the Smallpox: & with that she fell to mutring & scolding extreamly & soe: told s'd Gadge if she would not let her in she should give her something; & she answered she would not have any thing to doe with her & the next morning after to s'd Deponents best remembrance one of s'd Gadges Cowes Died in A Sudden, terible & Strange, unusuall maner soe that some of the neighbors & said Deponent did think it to be done by witchcraft & farther saith not

    ( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft, Vol. 1 Page 8 )

(Thomas Gadge v. Sarah Good)

   And Thomas Gadge husband of s'd Sarah: testifieth that he had a Cow soe Died about the time abovementioned & though he & some neighbors opened the Cow yet they Could find no naturall Cause of s'd Cowes Death & farther saith not

   Thomas gadge and sarah gadge owned this to be the truth on theire oath. before us; the Juriars for Inquest this 28. of June: 92

   (Reverse) Thomas Gauge & his wife ver. Good

    ( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 8 )

(Joseph Herrick, Sr., and Mary Herrick v. Sarah Good)

   The Deposistion of Joseph Herrick senr. who testifieth and saith that on the 16910301 first day of March 1691/2: I being then Constable for Salem: there was delivered to me by warrant from the worshipfull Jno. Hathorne and Jonathan Corwin Esqrs. Sarah good for me to cary to their majesties Gaol at Ipswich and that night I sett a gard to watch her at my own house namely Samu'l: Braybrook michaell dunell Jonathan Baker .. and the affore named parsons Informed me in the morning that that night Sarah good was gon for some time from them both bare foot and bare legde: and I was also Informed that: that night Elizabeth Hubburd one of the Afflected parsons Complaned that Sarah Good came and afflected hir:being bare foot and bare ledged and Samuell Sibley that was one that was attending of Eliza Hubburd strock good on the Arme as Elizabeth Hubburd said and Mary Herrick and wife of the abovesaid Joseph Herick testifieth that on: the 2th: March 1691/2 in the morning I took notis of Sarah Good in the morning and one of hir Armes was Blooddy from a little below the Elbow to the wrist: and I also took notis of her armes on the night before and then there was no signe of blood on them

   Joseph herrik senr and mary herrik appearid before us the Jury for Inquest: and did on the oath which the had taken owne this their evidense to be the truth; the 28: of June 1692

   Sworne in Court

   (Reverse) Memento. Sam. Sibley to be Served Mich'll. Dunwill Jona. Bacar ver. Sa. Good

    ( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 8 )

(William Batten and William Shaw v. Sarah Good and Lydia Dustin)

   The testimony of William Batten aged 76 years or their abouts and william shaw aged about 50 years and Deborah his wife aged about 40 years, these all testifie and say that this day was a weeke agoe. Susannah shelding being at the house of william shaw shee was tied her hands a cross in such a manner we were forced to cut the string before we could git her hand loose and when shee was out of her fit she told us it [was] Goode dastin that did tye her hands after that manner, and 4 times shee hath been tyed in this manner in towe weeks time the 2 first times shee sayth it was goode dastin and the 2 last times it was Sarah Goode that did tye her, we furder testifie that when ever shee doeth but touch this string shee is presently bit.

   We furder testifie that in this time there was a broome carried a way out of the house in visibble to us and put in a apple tree two times and a shirt once and a milke tube once was carried out of the house three poles from the house into the woods and she sayeth that it

   thes parsons a bove named upon their oath ownid this their tistimony to be the truth before us the Juriars for Inqwest this. 28. of June: 1692

Jurat in Curia
(Reverse) W'm. Batten Con. Good

( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 8 )

(William Allen, John Hughes, William Good, and Samuel Braybrook v. Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne, and Tituba)

    16910305 March 5'th 1691/2

   Wm Allin saith that on the 1'st of March att night he heard a strange noyse not useually heard, and so continued for many times so that hee was afrighted and coming nearer to it he there saw a strange and unuseall beast lyeing on the Grownd so that goeing up to it the s'd Beast vanished away and in the s'd place strate up 2 or 3 weemen and flew from mee not after the manner of other weemen but swiftly vanished away out of our sight which weemen wee took to bee Sarah Good Sarah Osburne and Tittabe the time was a bout an hour within night and I John Hughes saith the same beeing in Company then w'th s'd allin. as wittness our hands

   *william Allen

   *john hughes

   William Allen further saith that on the 2'd day of march the s'd Sarah Good vissabley appeared to him in his chamber s'd allen beeing in bed and brought an unuseuall light in w'th her the s'd Sarah came and sate upon his foot the s'd allen went to kick att her upon which shee vanished and the light with her

   william Good saith that the night before his s'd wife was Examined he saw a wart or tett a little belowe her Right shoulder which he never saw before and asked Goodwife Engersol whether she did not see it when shee searched her

   John Hughes. further saith that on the 2'd day of march that comeing from Goodman Sibleys a boute Eight of the clock in the night hee saw a Great white dogg whome he came up to but he would not stire but when He was past hee the s'd dogg followed him about 4 or 5 pole and so disapeared the same night the s'd John Hughes beeing in Bed in a clossd Roome and the dore being fast so that no catt nor dogg could come in the said John saw a Great light appeare in the s'd Chamber and Risseing up in his bed he saw a large Grey Catt att his beds foot

   March the 2'd Sam'l Brabrook saith that Carrieng Sarah Good to ippswich the said Sarah leapt of her horse 3 times which was Between 12 and 3 of the clock of the same day w'ch the daughter of Thomas Puttman declared the same att her fathers house the s'd Brabrook further saith that s'd Sarah Good tould him that shee would not owne her selfe to bee a wicth unless she is provd one shee saith that there is but one Evidence and thats and Indian and therefore she fears not and so Continued Rayling against the Majestrates and she Endevered to kill herselfe

    ( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 10 )

(Elizabeth Hubbard v. Sarah Good)

   The Deposistion of Elizabeth Hubbard agged about 17 years who testifieth and saith that on the 16910228 28 february 1691/92 I saw the Apperishtion of Sarah good who did most greviously afflect me by pinching and pricking me and so she continewed hurting of me tell the first day of March being the day of her examination and then she did also most greviously afflect and tortor me also dureing the time of her examynation and also severall times sence she hath afflected me and urged me to writ in her book: also on the day of hir examination I saw the Apperishtion of Sarah good goe and hurt and afflect the bodyes of Elizabeth parish Abigail williams and Ann putnam jun'r and also I have seen the the Apperishtion of Sarah Good afflecting:the body of Sarah vibber

mark Eliz:


also in the Night after Sarah goods Examination: Sarah Good came to me barefoot and bareledged and did most greviously torment me by pricking and pinching me and I veryly beleve that Sarah good hath bewicked me also that night Samuell Sibly that was then attending me strok Sarah good on hir Arme


Elizabeth Hubbard

ag't Sarah Good.

( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 9 )

(Ann Putnam, Jr. v. Sarah Good)

   The Deposition of Ann putnam Ju'r who testifieth and saith, that on the 16910225 25th of february 1691/92 I saw the apperishtion of Sarah good which did tortor me most greviously but I did not know hir name tell the 27th of february and then she tould me hir name was Sarah good and then she did prick me and pinch me most greviously: and also sense severall times urging me vehemently to writ in hir book and also on the first day of march being the day of hir Examination Sarah good did most greviously tortor me and also severall times sence: and also on the first day of march 1692 I saw the Apperishtion of sarah good goe and afflect and tortor the bodys of Elizabeth parish Abigail williams and Elizabeth Hubburd also I have seen the Apperishtion of Sarah good afflecting the body:of Sarah vibber.

mark Ann


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