Gregory L. Wright
"A Legacy of Shared Experiences"

John Pollom was a Hanover student at the time of this interview with Greg Wright; his parents, Bill and Martha Pollom, were students here in the 1970s.

(NB: Paragraph numbers apply to this excerpt, not the original source.)

Excerpts from Gregory L. Wright, "A Legacy of Shared Experiences," Hanover Quarterly (Summer 2002), 14-19.

{1}Wright asked why John chose Hanover:
John: "I originally heard about Hanover from my parents. All through my childhood, I would hear these great stories about both of their experiences in college. It was clear they really enjoyed themselves. As I began my college search, I was determined to "get out on my own," and part of that meant that I wanted no part of any school my parents had been to. Against my wishes, we toured the campus, and before the tour was even half over, I was telling my parents that I could really see myself having a great four years here."

{2}Wright asked the Polloms how they chose their majors:
John: "I came to Hanover thinking about being a communication major. Throughout my three years, I have thought about English and geology. I ended up selecting a double major in Political Science and History. This is mainly because this is where my interests are most piqued and where I've found professors that are very challenging in the classroom and friends of mine outside of it."
Bill: "I selected political science as a major, only after I had been on the Hanover campus for a year or so. . . . I was convinced that this was the most interesting subject for me."
Martha: "I selected business administration as my major during my sophomore year. I entered college without a clear choice for my major. I choose business administration because I was interested in marketing."

{3}Wright asked John what professor most influenced him:
John: "Larry Thornton, professor of history, is my answer for three reasons. First, he is easily the professor I have learned the most from over the span of the classes I have taken from him. Second, he has an extensive knowledge of his subject matter combined with a sense of humor that is very similar to my own. Third, he is someone I consider a friend outside of the classroom. I have been very lucky to have several professors who fit those three criteria, but "T" fits them the best by far."

{4}Wright asked about the benefits and drawbacks of children attending their parents' alma mater:
Bill: "There are many benefits for us as parents. In terms of potential drawbacks, the biggest issue for us is not to push Hanover too hard as the college choice for our children."
Martha: "It has been very important in our family to take the proper time in the college selection process.  Even though John and now Sarah  chose Hanover, we visited other colleges and we made sure during that process that Hanover was the right choice for our kids. We wanted to make sure that it truly was their decision to attend Hanover. And I'm sure we'll approach things the same way when our youngest son begins looking at colleges."
Bill: "Hanover College has been like a family to us. First, we made lifelong friends when we were students there. Second, it's really great to meet other Hanover alumni; we love that. You immediately feel a real connection, even if they graduated from Hanover many years before or after the time when we did."
John: "It is almost impossible not to make friendships that -- as far as I can tell -- will last longer than those I made in elementary or middle or high school. My parents still talk to and spend time with their friends from Hanover College. The fact that they do that despite living at least two hours away from most of them is the best testament I can imagine for the community aspects of this place."

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