Planning for Spring 2008

Financial Aid and Payments

September 6-14: Spring-Term Fair

September 12, 14: Spring-Term Application Workshops (Uschi Appelt of the Haq Center will walk students through the process of filling out the forms, applying for scholarships, and writing the essays.)

September 17: Financial need form due

September 24: Notification of scholarship eligibility

October 1: Essay due

October 25: Notification of awards (a week prior to registration week)

October 24-November 2: Registration and non-refundable deposit due

December 18: Full amount ($3650) due


April 28: leave by van from Campus Center Hanover (3 PM) to Cincinnati
April 28: depart from Cincinnati
April 29: arrive in Florence
April 29-May 13: Florence at the Hotel Monica
May 14: travel to Rome by train
May 14-May 21: Rome at the Hotel Primavera
May 22: depart from Rome
May 22: return to Cincinnati and by van to Hanover

Air Flights

April 28
Depart from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport 7:30 PM (Delta DL0044, Terminal 3)

April 29
Arrive Paris, Charles de Gaulle Airport 9:55 AM (Terminal 2E)
Depart Paris, Charles de Gaulle Airport 1:20 PM (Air France AF5042/Delta DL8807, Terminal 2D)
Arrive Florence, Peretola Airport 3:20 PM

May 22
Group 1 (Vesper, Yung, Huntington, Tomsen, White, Westmoreland, Walsh)
Depart Rome, Fiumicino Airport 8:15 AM (Alitalia AZ0400/Delta DL8200, Terminal A)
Arrive Frankfurt International Airport 10:25 AM (Terminal 1)
Depart Frankfurt International Airport 12:05 PM (Delta DL0049, Terminal 2)
Arrive Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport 3:30 PM

May 22
Group 2 (Abell, Bruce, Douglas, Laca, Lestourgeon, Luttmer, Markins, Sipes, Darby)
Depart Rome, Fiumicino Airport 9:50 AM (Alitalia AZ0608/Delta DL8179, Terminal C)
Arrive New York JFK Airport 1:10 PM (take bus to La Guardia)
Depart New York La Guardia Airport 4:29 (Comair/Delta DL5149, Terminal DL)
Arrive Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport 6:55 PM


Hotel Monica
Via Faenza 66
50123 Firenze
phone: 011 39 055 283804
fax: 011 39 055 281706
web site

Hotel Primavera
Piazza San Pantaleo 3 (near Piazza Navona)
00185 Roma
phone: 011 39 06 68 80 31 09
fax: 011 39 06 686 92 65

People in Florence in the Age of the Renaissance

Abell, Jason
Bruce, Cassandra
Darby, Ben
Douglas, Lorna
Huntington, Erin
Laca, Genevieve
LeStourgeon, Sarah
Markins, Jason
Sipes, Lindsey
Vesper, Nickole
Walsh, Ashley
Westmoreland, Sam
White, Jessica
Whitehead, Jessica
Yung, Kyle
Tomsen, Margo
Luttmer, Frank

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